Home Care Packages: A Short Guidelines List

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One very commendable project the Australian government exclusively providesits citizens is the support it extends to older Australians to stay in their homes by paying for their home care services. The best part is that any Australian can apply for these funds.

This is the home care packages Central QLD aimed at any ageing Australian. The consideration is that people are deemed happier, healthier, and more likely to thrive in their own environment instead of the home for the aged.

The program

The Home Care Package Program allows eligible Australians to access funds to assist them to remain living in their home whilst maintaining their health, wellbeing and social connections. 

The main aim of the Home Care Packages is that it is deemed to make a difference in improving the quality of life of people needing support to live at home.

Types of services 

There are several care and services supported by the HCP program (Home Care Packages)

These include Care services, Support services and Clinical services.

The Care services include the personal care services, activities of daily living, nutrition, hydration, meal preparation and diet, management of skin integrity, continence, mobility and dexterity.

The Support services meanwhile includes cleaning, personal laundry services, gardening, home modifications, and leisure interests and activities.

Finally, the clinical services includes, nursing, allied health (podiatry, physiotherapy services, and other clinical services like hearing and vision services), and access to other health  and related services.

Home Care Package Program

The Home Care Package program provides 4 levels of support and each individual is assessed to determine what level of support they require. 

Every package level has a different amount of funding (subsidy) that is paid to your provider by the Australian Government, all aimed to deliver your care and services. The higher the level, the more funding the government pays on your behalf, allowing you to buy more services.

The Level 1 package has the lowest subsidy while the Level 4 package allows you to buy the most services. A client who starts with a lower Home Care Package can be reassessed and upgraded to a higher package level if their care needs change.

The Four Package Levels

At Level 1, people are supported with basic care needs. People on a level 1 package mainly use this for things they are struggling to do themselves, such as domestic assistance.

Level 2 supports the people with low-level care needs. At this level, recipients may use this level of support for domestic assistance, shopping and social support, possibly home podiatry or some gardening assistance.

Level 3 supports people by bringing them their intermediate care needs. Recipients will have support in personal care, some meal preparation and medication support. 

The other funds may be spent on social support, transport, nursing, allied health, gardening and minor home modifications like ramps and rails.

At Level 4, the program supports the people with high-level care needs. Recipients will have support in personal care from five to seven times per week, once to twice daily. 

Other funds may be spent on social support, transport, nursing, allied health, gardening and minor home modifications.


Anyone who feels that they need assistance to remain living in their home can apply for a Home Care Package. These Home Care Packages are meant for older people aged 65 years and above, but there is no minimum age requirement. 

There are no citizenship or residency restrictions either on Home Care Packages. However, Home Care Packages are not meant for visitors to Australia or people who need only temporary or short-term care.

If you would like to apply for a Home Care Package you will first contact My Aged Care (1800 200 422) or visit www.myagedcare.gov.au. A My Aged Care consultant will then assist you through the assessment process. 

In many cases, a health professional might already be involved in your care. He will refer you for an assessment. Your professional help might be your GP or nurse. If you are in hospital, it might be a social worker. 

This process is aimed at determining your eligibility and the package level you are approved for.


In the first instance anyone interested in applying for a Home Care Package needs to contact My Aged Care. The contact center staff will register you on their system and ask you a series of questions in order to understand your needs. 

They will ask you questions about any support you are currently receiving, if you have any health concerns, how you manage with everyday living tasks and activities around the home and some questions relating to your safety in your home. 

This assessment is also needed to receive aged care services through a Home Care Package.

If your care needs indicate you may benefit from a Home Care Package, My Aged Care will refer you to an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to complete an in-home assessment. This assessment will identify your care needs. 

These free assessments isimportant to know because your preferences will always be considered. You do not need to make any decisions about your future during your assessment. 

After assessment

Following an in-home assessment, you may be approved as eligible for either a level 1, 2, 3 or 4 Home Care Package. You will receive a letter on the outcome, plus knowing the level of care you are eligible for and approved to receive, as well as an overview of that care.

You need to keep a copy of the documents. This will include your AC number and “Referral Code”. If you don’t receive a letter explaining your assessment outcome, contact the ACAT and request a copy.

Approval expiry

Your approval does not expire unless there is a specific time limitation placed on the approval. Unless your care needs have changed significantly, you will not need another assessment to be eligible for a Home Care Package. 

If your care needs change significantly while you are waiting for a Home Care Package, you can request a new ACAT assessment by contacting My Aged Care.

Waitinglist approval

After you have been assessed as eligible for a Home Care Package, you will be placed on a national waiting list. Your position on the wait list is determined by the date of your assessment and the priority of your request.

After which, you will receive another letter from My Aged Care advising that your status is approved. You can then look for an Approved Provider to manage your Home Care Package and start receiving services.

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