Solar Panel Cleaning: Ensuring The Peak Performance of Solar Panels

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Why clean solar panels?

One of the main contributing factors to the drop in performance of solar panels is accumulated dust with dirty solar panels losing half of its generation efficiency compared to clean solar panels. 

Regular solar panel cleaning Mackay ensures that sizable increases in panel output and efficiency are achieved. Solar panel cleaning ensures that any accumulated dust is removed from the surfaces of solar panels to ensure the highest performance in power generation. 

Why solar panels need regular cleaning.

There are plenty of solar panel owners who ignore the importance of regularly cleaning their solar panels, and if not done regularly enough, solar panel efficiency is drastically decreased by layers of accumulated grime and dust. Due to the drastic loss of solar panel efficiency, periodical solar panel cleaning is extremely important for peak solar panel performance.

So why regular solar panel cleaning?

The following are a few reasons why solar panel cleaning is a must.

  1. Regular solar panel cleaning improves panel efficiency.

Regular solar panel cleaning increases their overall efficiency with solar panel efficiency and performance expected to improve by more than half. 

  1. Assured warranties.

Many solar panel installation companies and manufacturers have specified required regular solar panel cleaning as part of their warranty conditions. Without regular solar panel cleaning, manufacturers and installers may not cover their warranties if there is no proof of regular cleaning from solar panel owners. Regular solar panel cleaning is always recommended for solar panel owners to be on the safe side regarding their warranties should something go wrong with their solar panels.

  1. Rainwater cannot effectively clean solar panels.

The majority of solar panel owners do not clean their solar panels after it rains because they think the rainwater can effectively clean them. However, like a car’s windshield, grime can quickly accumulate during the rainy season, thus making solar panel cleaning more than required to ensure solar panels work as efficiently as they should.

  1. Regular solar panel cleaning ensures solar panel durability and reliability.

Dust can contain plenty of grains of microscopic sand, dust particles, and debris from the environment that can eventually build up into an abrasive film on solar panels and contribute to its premature wear and tear, panel hazing, and resulting loss of efficiency. While not obvious at first, without regular solar panel cleaning, solar panels over time will lose their efficiency and also risk ending up having recurrent failures that can result in frequent repairs or premature replacement that can be costly.

  1. Regular solar panel cleaning ensures that solar panels always look good and maintain their long-term aesthetic appeal.

Not one wants to have an aged-looking, dirt-covered solar panel adorning their roofs, and just like it is important to have a clean home, it is also essential to take proper care of solar panels and have them cleaned regularly. Solar panel cleaning ensures that solar panels always look good and keep on looking new to make any home more aesthetically appealing to everyone who sees it.

  1. Solar panel cleaning ensures that solar panels are inspected regularly.

Every time solar panel cleaning is undertaken, solar panel owners get the opportunity to closely inspect their solar panels for any accumulated dirt, damage, or wear. Solar panel cleaning provides panel owners with the perfect time to closely inspect and evaluate the overall condition of their solar panels.

Solar panels do not come cheap and can require a significant amount of money to have them installed. Solar panel cleaning maintains the peak performance of solar panels, with more light reaching their cells, and ensuring their top power-generating performance.

Keeping solar panels clean.

While solar panels may not require a lot of upkeep, they still need regular solar panel cleaning to maintain their peak performance. 

Regular solar panel cleaning ensures that panel owners can closely keep an eye on the condition and performance of their solar panel system. It ensures that solar panel owners get the most value and productivity out of their solar panels.

Mostly, solar panels require good regular solar panel cleaning since dirt and debris can collect on them, especially during storms and long periods without rainfall, and create a film that decreases their light-gathering ability. A good, regular solar panel cleaning makes sure solar panels are clean and everything is working properly.

Solar panel cleaning makes it easy to monitor the health of solar panels. 

Regular solar panel cleaning allows solar panel owners to periodically monitor the health of their panels and allows them to periodically check for dirt and debris buildup that could hamper their performance. Over time it’s natural for your home solar panels to decrease in performance, but if they’re underperforming it might be a good idea to see if they need a good cleaning.

Regular solar panel cleaning is the key to peak solar panel performance.

The buildup of dust and debris on solar panels can affect the production of clean renewable energy depending on where it is located, the local climate, environment, and weather. 

For solar panels that are in an area where dusty conditions are common, or just after a storm, solar panel cleaning can remove any accumulation of dirt on solar panels to maintain their performance. 

Solar panel manufacturers will recommend regular solar panel cleaning at least twice a year, regardless of weather conditions and location to lower the accumulation of dirt and debris from collecting on solar panels. Additionally, the more time that passes between solar panel cleaning schedules, the more the dirt and debris buildup, and the harder it might be to clean.

A few more things to consider regarding solar panel warranties.

Warranties cover any damage or defects during the manufacture or installation of a solar panel system with the warranties varying according to the manufacturer or installer, and can generally cover a solar panel owner for decades.

However, it is important to consider that some solar panel warranties can stipulate that they are only covered if they are properly maintained by regular solar panel cleaning. For solar panels that do not undergo regular solar panel cleaning, their warranty may not be covered and can cost solar panel owners additional expenses when it comes time for repairs or parts replacements.

The bottom line.

Regular solar panel cleaning makes sure solar panels are working as they are designed and that they are producing the highest energy output possible staying on top of solar panel cleaning schedules can help soar panel owners save on costs and get the most performance out of their solar panels.


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