Unlocking Desert Safari Tour of Dubai

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Where do you like to go for a holiday- Mountain or desert? Desert? A great choice indeed! If you are a dessert person, you must have tried desert safari- Haven’t you? By the way, do you know that Dubai is the best for a desert safari tour? Well, every person must visit there for a Dubai desert tour. After all, a desert safari in Dubai is a memorable experience. A friendly note- Do contact the Khat Tourism team for your holiday. They have more than 15 years of experience in the Tourism industry, and clients praise them for their excellent service. 

What kinds of private desert safari do you get in Dubai

For those curious to learn about the types of desert safari you get in Dubai, note that it is up to you to decide. You have two options- choosing a desert camp or a private vehicle. Both have their pros and cons. So, think of it and decide accordingly. For your help, this blog will discuss desert camps and private vehicles in detail. 

  • Desert camps– You can term it as another kind of private Dubai desert safari. In this camp, you will get locals who can help visitors like you. This desert camp is so vast that around 1000 people can stay. Exciting- Isn’t it? But the tourist data shows that only around 650 visitors live in that camp. What? You don’t prefer a vast crowd but still like a desert camp? No worries! You will also find smaller camps in Dubai with a total strength of around 250 members. But the problem is that you may not find that free. People reserve it for social events, like marriage and business parties. 
  • Private vehicle– Do not go by the name entirely. Though the term is “private,” note that you do not get complete privacy. If you choose a private vehicle, they will pick you up from your place and drop you at the same place after some time. Most often, a desert safari happens as a shared ride. There will only be private transportation. But if you want, you can take a vehicle for rent to enjoy Dubai city life and nightlife. Well, most visitors opt for a private car for its advantages. For example, by choosing a rented private vehicle, you can plan your trip according to your wish. 

So, which one did you choose- a private rented car or a desert camp? Drop your comments below, and if you need any more help, feel free to contact this team. 

Kinds of Safari Tours

Before going deeper, answer a question- are you a morning or a late-night person? Don’t worry! Your lifestyle won’t stop you from enjoying the Dubai safari tour. The only purpose of asking these readers was to know which of the two safari tours would be the best for them- morning or evening. 

  • Evening Safari– Dubai is famous both for its sunrise and sunset. However, there hardly are any visitors who have not seen a sunrise to date. Thus, several people prefer an evening safari. Not only do they want to see a sunset, but enjoy Dubai’s nightlife. So it is up to visitors to decide whether they opt for an evening or a morning safari. But yes, if you are interested in seeing Dubai’s nightlife, an evening safari in the deserts of Dubai is the best for you. Not only this, but you get a chance to experience Arabian nights. The locals perform several activities, reflecting their rich Arabian culture. You can end your evening desert safari tour by participating in fun activities like camel riding, dune bashing, and henna painting. 
  • Morning safari– Though visitors may have seen sunrise several times and want to experience Dubai’s nightlife, it is not a good idea to miss out on the morning desert safari. The views one sees during the morning safari are worth it. That beauty, when the sun’s rays fall on the dunes, one cannot express it in words. It is for sure that the experience you get on the morning safari, you will not see anywhere. You can also try out camel riding and sandboarding.  

Note– Though you can choose between a morning and an evening safari, you must opt for a morning safari. It is a different experience altogether. And yes, don’t worry about the booking and planning. After all, why should you? Remember that if you have planned your holiday through Khat Tourism, everything from A to Z is their responsibility. And yes, mind you, they are highly professional in their work. 

Some tips to follow when on a Dubai desert safari tour

  • Hydration– Some people enjoy the warmth of the sun. However, since it is a desert area, it is too hot. Hence, take good care of yourself, or you will fall sick. Drink a lot of water and refreshing drinks, and wear comfy clothes. If you wear tight dresses in such places, you will feel suffocated and feel unwell. Sunglasses and hats are extra protection to protect you from the heat.
  • Apply sunscreen– The more you are in the heat, the more it will affect your skin. But you could not just sit at the hotel- Right? After all, you have come a long way to see Dubai. Hence, take good care of your skin by applying sunscreen. 
  • Follow the rules– You must have seen several people clicking photos, even though the governing bodies have refused them. Do not fall into that category for two reasons. You may have to pay a fine if someone catches you. Also, doing this shows that you do not have respect for such bodies. 
  • Safety– When doing adventure activities like a Dune buggy, make sure that you follow all safety guidelines. Suppose you have some health issues or you are not feeling well. In these cases, immediately inform it to the guide.

Conclusion– Khat Tourism is the best tour operator with more than 15 years of experience in the tourism industry. Visitors can get two kinds of safari tours in Dubai- a desert camp or a private car. In a desert camp, several people can live (up to 1,000). It is up to you to decide whether you enjoy an evening or a morning safari. An evening safari is the best for those who want to enjoy Dubai’s nightlife. You can try out camel riding, dune bashing, and henna painting. Morning safari is the best for nature lovers. Drink water, apply sunscreen, wear light clothes, and follow local rules and safety guidelines. 

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