Tips To Buy The Best Boxer Shorts For Women

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Boxer shorts have become increasingly popular among women in recent years. The loose, comfortable fit along with the fun prints and colors have made boxer shorts a staple in many women’s wardrobes. When shopping boxers shorts for women, there are a few key things to keep in mind to ensure you get the best fit, comfort and style.

  • Consider the Fabric

The fabric used to make women’s boxer shorts is an important factor to consider when choosing a pair. The material impacts the overall comfort, breathability and functionality of the shorts.  Cotton is one of the most popular fabric choices for boxer shorts. Pure cotton is soft, breathable and great at absorbing moisture. This natural fiber feels nice directly against the skin and provides good air flow. 100% cotton boxer shorts are comfortable for daily wear. The natural breathability of cotton makes it a versatile choice for women’s boxer shorts.

Silk and satin fabrics have a luxuriously soft and smooth texture. The lightweight, satiny finish feels gentle on skin. Silk and satin boxers tend to be on the more delicate side and have a fluid drape. The ultra-soft hand feel of silk or satin can be desirable for lounging boxer shorts with a touch of luxury. For some stretch and flexibility, jersey is a smart fabric choice. Jersey is a soft, stretchy knit material that allows boxer shorts to move more naturally with the body. The flexible recovery of the jersey knit conforms well to the natural contours of the figure. Jersey boxer shorts are unrestrictive for all-day wear.

  • Get the Right Fit

Finding the right fit is crucial when selecting women’s boxer shorts, since the legs are designed to be loose and flowy. Start by measuring your waist and hips and choosing boxer shorts that match those dimensions. The waistband should feel snug enough to stay up without digging in or constricting. Look for an elastic waistband with enough stretch to be comfortable. Mid-thigh length boxer shorts will provide the traditional loose boxers look with good coverage. But shorter lengths are also available if you prefer more leg to show. 

Keep in mind that the fit through the hips and thighs should be relaxed, not tight. Boxer shorts are meant to be airy and roomy to allow free range of motion. Make sure the leg openings are loose enough to never bind or feel tight. Oversized boxer shorts are actually on trend right now, so don’t be afraid to size up for an ultra-relaxed fit if you are between sizes. The right length and cut will ensure your new boxer shorts are stylish, modest and supremely comfortable whether lounging or on the go.

  • Pick Fun Prints and Colors

The womens boxer shorts come in a huge variety of fun prints, colors and graphics. This allows you to customize your look and showcase your personal style. When selecting prints and colors for women’s boxer shorts, women’s boxer shorts are available in a wide range of playful and feminine prints. Florals, polka dots, checkerboard plaids, and animal prints like leopard or zebra are all popular options. These lively patterns add a punch of personality even to casual loungewear. Whimsical prints and patterns allow you to make a style statement.

Vibrant, daring colors also lend women’s boxer shorts a lot of visual interest. Look for bright hues, vivid color blocking with contrasting color combos, and bold pops of color. Graphic boxers can feature fun images, inspirational words, or references to favorite movies, music and more. Let your inner fangirl shine through! For a softer, delicate look, pastel hues like baby blue, blush pink, mint green and pale purple are ideal. Metallic sheens in silver, gold and bronze add a dash of glam to loungewear. Crisp, classic white and black boxer shorts provide timeless neutral options.

  • Focus on Specific Features

Women’s boxer shorts today come with a variety of special features and design elements that enhance comfort, performance and style.  For athletic activities or all-day wear, moisture-wicking fabric is a useful feature. Moisture-wicking boxer short fabrics are designed to pull sweat and dampness away from the skin. This keeps you cooler, drier and more comfortable in warm or active situations. Breathable moisture management is a practical feature for an active woman’s lifestyle.

Antimicrobial properties in fabrics help minimize odors, which can be beneficial for workouts and summer wear. Antimicrobial boxer shorts contain agents that suppress the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the fabric. This reduces unwanted smells. Four-way stretch fabrics provide multidirectional flexibility allowing stretch and recovery in all directions. The four-way stretch enhances mobility so boxer shorts move more freely with the wearer’s body.

  • Shop Strategically

Shopping strategically allows you to get the most value and expand your boxer short collection without overspending. Take advantage of end-of-season markdowns and clearances to score deals on last season’s prints and colors. Retailers discount older inventory, so you can get cute boxer shorts at a fraction of the original price.

Sign up for email alerts and newsletters from your favorite apparel brands. These communications will tip you off to upcoming sales events, coupon codes and special promotions on boxer shorts. Look for multi-packs that give you multiple pattern options in one money-saving bundle. It’s an affordable way to quickly build up your boxer short supply. Check out outlet locations and discount stores where you can often find name-brand boxer shorts marked down in price. You’ll pay less for the same major label quality and style.

Holiday weekends like those after Christmas and Valentine’s Day often coincide with major sales on clothing essentials like boxer shorts. Use these seasonal sales to stock up. By timing purchases right and keeping an eye out for deals, you can strategically grow your boxer short collection while sticking to your budget.


With a wide range of fabrics, colors, prints and features to consider, it may seem daunting to pick the perfect women’s boxer shorts from Sexy Beast. Focus on getting the right fit and fabric for your needs, then have fun mixing and matching patterns and colors to show off your personal style. Comparison shopping across brands can uncover hidden gem pairs you’ll want to wear over and over again. Use sales and deals to get more boxer short bang for your buck. With the right pair of boxer shorts, you’ll enjoy supreme comfort and cool style wherever the day takes you!

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