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How to Get What You Want (Without Being a Jerk)

A recent poll found that 60% of employees have received one or more inbound job offers from recruiters or other firms in the last 6 months. 43% are actively pursuing or considering pursuing the job offers. 


Frustration is one of the reasons why professionals leave their jobs in search of greener pastures. You can achieve your goals by embracing empathy and strategic communication without resorting to jerk-like behavior. 


Here are 14 practical tips on how to get what you want without being a jerk.

Know Your “Why”

Instead of solely focusing on what you want, take a step back and retrospectively explore why it matters to you. This shift in mindset will transform your request from a demand into a shared goal that the company or organization can willingly help you achieve.


For example, instead of stating, “I need that promotion,” reframe it as “I’m passionate about this project and believe my skills and experience can lead it to success. A promotion would empower me to contribute more effectively and help the company achieve its objectives.”

Be Clear and Direct

One of the widely accepted negotiation tips is being clear and direct about what you want from the employer. Vagueness breeds confusion and frustration for you, the employee, and the employer.


Articulate your request clearly and concisely to ensure the employer understands your desired outcome. 


For example,  instead of saying, “I need more support,” be specific: “I’m feeling overwhelmed with my current workload. I need assistance with tasks X, Y, and Z to meet deadlines and achieve objectives.

Practice Active Listening

Active listening entails focusing on explaining your demands and paying close attention to the other person’s concerns and perspective. 


This skill demonstrates respect and opens the door for a collaborative conversation. Instead of waiting for your turn to speak, actively listen, ask clarifying questions, and summarize the key points to ensure understanding.

Propose Solutions

Don’t be the team member who only brings problems to the table. Go to the boardroom meeting prepared with feasible solutions that address your needs and the company’s.


For example, instead of simply stating your need for a raise, suggest a specific percentage increase based on your accomplishments and market research to strengthen your case.


If you are struggling to land new clients and think the company should invest in new technology, don’t just air your grievances. Suggest modern networking solutions like the digital business card that is more effective in helping professionals share contact information. It also holds and shares more information than conventional paper business cards.  

Be Flexibility

One of the common reasons for frustration in workplaces is being rigid. You need to be flexible in your demands. Recognize that things rarely go exactly as planned. Be willing to adapt and compromise to find a mutually agreeable solution.


For example, instead of insisting on a specific deadline, brainstorm alternative timelines that meet everyone’s needs and allow for unforeseen circumstances. 

Show Appreciation

Everyone loves working with people who appreciate their work and effort to resolve issues. Expressing gratitude for the time and effort that the employer invests in you and resolving your issues will foster goodwill and strengthen your relationship. 


It will also show that you are a professional committed to helping the organization achieve its goals. Thank those who help you and acknowledge their contributions. After receiving a favor, send a thank-you note or express your appreciation in person. 

Cultivate Patience

Change takes time. The company has to change processes and implement protocols to meet your demands. 


Don’t expect immediate results. Be persistent and keep working towards your goals. If you aim for a promotion, continue demonstrating your commitment and value to the company through your work ethic and positive attitude.

Celebrate Successes


Take the time to acknowledge your accomplishments and the achievements of others. Celebrating success motivates and encourages further growth. Share your milestones and express appreciation for the contributions of your team members.

Be A Team Player

Remember, you are part of a larger group. Contribute to the success of your team and support your colleagues. Offer assistance when needed and share your knowledge and expertise to elevate everyone.

Maintain Professionalism

Even when faced with challenging situations, keep your emotions in check. Communicate respectfully and avoid negativity or personal attacks. If you disagree with a decision, remain calm and state your dissent in a constructive and professional manner.

Be Open to Feedback

Welcome constructive criticism as a valuable tool for learning and growth. Be receptive to feedback and use it to improve your performance. If a colleague suggests a different approach to a task, listen attentively and consider their perspective. 

One of the mistakes people make is listening to respond instead of listening to understand. Earlier on, we mentioned the need to practice active listening. Use it to understand the feedback from colleagues and take it positively. 

Own Your Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable. The important thing is to take responsibility and learn from them. Be accountable for your actions and acknowledge the errors you make.

Focus on the Future 

Don’t dwell on past mistakes or setbacks. Instead, focus on what you can control and how to move forward from the current situation. Learn from your experiences and use them to fuel your progress.

By being the bigger person, you create a positive environment and inspire others to do the same. Remember, kindness isn’t about being a pushover but a good person who genuinely cares about others.

Be Proactive 

Anticipate potential needs and problems before they arise. This proactive approach demonstrates initiative and problem-solving skills, making you a valuable asset to any team or project.


By implementing these tips and prioritizing empathy, clear communication, and collaboration, you can achieve your goals while building strong relationships and fostering a positive environment.

Remember, getting what you want doesn’t have to come at the expense of being a jerk. Choose kindness, communication, and respect, and watch your success flourish.



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