Corporate Gifting- Do’s And Don’ts

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You can impress your clients, employees or colleagues in numerous ways. Handing them out the right gifts could make or break an impression. Hence, this aspect could be slightly tricky. It is only normal that you may want to appreciate your employees timely. This would keep your personnel motivated and help foster a friendly environment. But that brings us to a couple of questions, who can we give out corporate gifts to? What are the right types of corporate gifts? What is too much and too less? What is appropriate? What is a good budget for different gifts? How often do we gift them? 

Giving gifts essentially ends up in a dilemma, but there is some etiquette about them that could guide you towards the right path. Let us begin with a couple of gifts you may want to avoid.

Things to Avoid

Expensive alcohol may seem to be impressive and something to stay on trend. But everyone may not receive it the same way. Unless it is for a client in the same business of alcohol or wine, it is advisable not to give a bottle of champagne or alcohol. Some may get offended and think too little of it. In the long run, it could give a wrong impression of what the company stands for. It may even go to the extent of being socially irresponsible. Why feed the rivals and critics unnecessarily? We can give out gifts by giving a good place to corporate social responsibility.

Getting bulk corporate gifts in UAE is not hard once you reach the right place. A wrong move can turn things south. You need not be overly courteous or get too personal with the gifts. 

Understand the Purpose

In this rapidly growing world of business, corporate gifts are a great strategy to market and network. It would help grow a good business circle. But you must do it right. It has become a vital tool among business leaders and associates. 

Stay away from any product that could cause a controversy. The idea of a corporate gift is to create a positive and inclusive image. So pick out only something that is universally acknowledged.

Do not give too expensive and extravagant gifts. You never know when they could mask a hidden agenda of a bribe. It could send out a wrong message, seeking a personal advantage. Keep the presents in fashion and modest. It should not compromise the company’s integrity. Even if it’s a multi-billion-dollar company, it is not necessary to shove an expensive gift to colleagues. 

Do not use gifts to bribe or gain a favourite spot in the books of your clients or associates. This goes against the whole spirit of gifting and the values that go with it, trust, integrity, faith, etc. It will undermine the spirit of transparency in the business world. 

Budget, Timing and Packaging

Timing- Timing is the key. The occasion you give out gifts. Handing out cards and hampers during festive seasons is a warm appreciation that can be given. But you cannot get a day late or early. You need to respect the occasion and purpose of gifting, along with the message you are trying to convey with it. 

Budget– This is the most important decision. You must set a practical budget that is both cost-effective and can accommodate a good product. You cannot let go of financial responsibility while gifting. You need to make sure the gift is not too lavish and is thoughtful and budget-friendly. You must find a middle ground between appreciation and frugality in corporate gifting.

Packaging– A first impression could be the best one, so whatever the gift is, make sure it is packed right. Make sure not to use any plastic material, use some eco-friendly measures that can be wrapped or packed creatively. Sending out a message of sustainability is equally important, especially in these times of climate crisis. So gifts can do a lot of help communicating the values. It would create value and importance making one feel special. 

Keeping these cautions in mind, here are a few things you must keep in mind while gifting.

Things you must Do

Always research what you give. You should have adequate knowledge of the recipient’s expectations. Whether a client or an employee, you must go over the preferences. If it is a business associate, you must go over their company goals and values to get a gift that aligns with their mottos as well. Doing so will create a good atmosphere between both parties. It will show that you value their interests, which will help you in the long run. 

Get creative with the gifts– You can add a personalised touch. Adding a handwritten letter or painting out your company logo are a few cute things that could add value to the gifts. When you take to uncommon and personal methods, it can draw the recipient’s attention. In turn, you also get to promote your company brand. If it is aesthetic, they may even share it on their social media pages, drawing a good audience. 

Cultural Awareness– Especially if the business is in a global hub like the UAE, respecting and acknowledging the cultures, religions and traditions could go a long way. By doing so, you will create a safe and inclusive environment. Creating a sense of diversity will invite other clients and businesses to approach you the same way. This will also send out the message that you value everyone equally, and are welcoming to people from all walks of life. If you do not respect their cultural values, it may not cause an explicit reaction. But in the long run, it could hamper the relations you hold. 

Never let go of the company policies– Do anything you want but within the bounds of the company guidelines and mottos. Do not transcend them. Doing so, also shows that you respect your own company, and are professional and reliable. How you act within your company will reflect how you value and help others.

Final Remarks

Do what you do, but do it right. A gift is a lot more significant. Gifts are what it does and not merely what it is. Being aware of the consequences and doing it the right way would help your company in the long run.

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