Torchlight Infinite Berserker Build – Fire Whirlwind Introduction

In this guide, I would like to show you the best Berserker build in Torchlight infinite. I will discuss the core skills, the best talents hero traits and the best armors. And even the stats you need to prioritize to get the highest damage possible. So no matter what level or gears your character has, you are able to use this guide, then let’s get right into it.


The first part I will explain the Berserker gameplay, this character is a fast melee based Berserker, he excels at close range. When you’re hitting or taking damage from the enemies, you will passively gain Rage which over time will increase your attack damage and attack speed. When your rage bar is full, you can tap the rage bar which will consume all of your collected rage and you can enter the berserk mode which will give you two times as much rage bonus and plus 30 movement speed. 

Skills And Links:

At the end game you will be able to do crazy AOE damage and this is one of the highest damage builds in the game, now let’s move over to the build. For our main 5 skills, we can use 



Compound Source

Spiral Strike



Then lastly for the extra 3 we have the Energy Fortress and we want to select the Seal Conversion, then the second one is called the Summon Flame Spirit and we want to select the Charge Flames and Super Power, and then lastly we get the cast on Critical Shark and we select Scorch Seal conversion and Thunder Lights Field.


For the helmet we want to go with the Fallen Knight Helmet.

For our chest armor we want to pick Sky Devourer – Strength Arm, focus on getting high armor maximum life. 

Then for the next one we have the Flare Amulet. 

The fourth armor we have the Divine Arbiter’s Hand. 

Next one we have the Two-faced Belt, and we want to get the maximum life and any type of resistance.

Dragon Guardians Foot Guard, and we focus on getting as high armor regeneration to life per every second and plus physical damage as fire damage.

Divine Punishment Ring, and we aim to get as high maximum life added physical damage and all the resistance. 

Frostfire ring focus on fire and cold resistance, maximum life and attack speed. 

The last one for the weapon, we could have Fire Lord Sin, as this is a one-handed weapon, we can get to use two of them to get this gear physical damage as high as possible. 

Overall as you can see this is an end game build, and if you just started playing this game recently, then don’t worry about this, just equip all the gear that you can find. If you’re lucky enough to get some great base gear, you can craft them using Torchlight Infinite Currency you have such as Flame Sand and Ember. 

Talent Trees:

The next part of the build is the talent trees: 

  1. The first part

Lastly for our core talents, we want to select the Burnout, which will give us plus 35 fire damage and resistance. 

The second one we want to select the Fueling, for the enemy with high resistance.  

2. About the Blood Striker

The first core Talent we want to select the Sacrifice. 

For the second one we want to select the no Loose Ends, this Talent will give us plus 35 extra damage when our enemies in low HP. 

3. Then moving to the last one

For our special talent we want to select the Gravity, which will give us plus 20 extra melee damage. 

In a quick summary these three talent categories are by far the best ones, which will make our build do super high damage and these stats will become even more powerful at the end game. 

Hero Trait:

The last and final build part which is Hero Trait, so this is how our hero trait should look like:

In Torchlight infinite, Flame Elementium is a very important material, used to refresh the affixes of the gear, and the final generated affixes can reach 5 to 6. For this build, powerful gears also play significant role, but how can we get more Flame Elementium? In, you can easily buy Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium at a lower price. Meanwhile, fast delivery and 24/7 online service will also make your shopping experience more comfortable. You do not have to farm in the high difficulty dungeons with risky challenges, come to, cheap Flame Elementium is always waiting for you!

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