Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a Dog Life Jacket

It’s time for an adventure. Your puppy wants to come along for the ride. But dog swimming safety requires special equipment, like a puppy seat belt in the car. When taking your pup for a day by the lake, ensure they’re safe and sound and are insured with dog health insurance. So, do dogs need life jackets? Yes! A canine life jacket can give you and your furry friend a relaxed time by the shore.

Whether boating, in a kayak at the lake or beach, or hanging by the pool, your puppy will likely show off if they’re a swimmer. In addition to a recreational splash, it’s a chance for you two to enjoy some outdoor quality time together. Dog parents can make swimming a safe experience every time by packing a puppy life vest to ensure dog swimming safety. A dog health insurance is a must for the safety of your pup in such unforeseen situations. Not sure if your Dog needs a life jacket?

Read on why it’s a vital flotation tool in your and your pup’s best interest.

  1. Some canines just aren’t built to swim.

 You may think that all canines are natural swimmers – we’ve all heard of the doggy paddle. But the truth is that some large, small, or medium-sized dogs have trouble staying afloat, so they need a little flotation assistance. Whether or not a particular dog can swim depends on how buoyant their bodies are and if they have any health problems. Breeds like Greyhounds have lower body fat, so they aren’t very buoyant or prone to float. Other species like Pugs and Bulldogs have extra large, girthy chests that make them top-heavy in the water. Additionally, small dog breeds like Yorkshire Terriers or Shih Tzus often start as strong swimmers but get exhausted and tired quickly.

  1. Even the best dog swimmers get tired.

 Some breeds of canines are more suited to water sports, like the Portuguese Dog with its webbed feet or the Labrador Retriever, bred to be strong swimmers.

But let’s face it, most dogs don’t know when to take a break and might end up hurting themselves. This is when having a dog health insurance saves you and helps in the best treatment for your pup. Even the best canine swimmers can get tired easily in the water and quickly run into trouble if they aren’t wearing a pup life jacket with supportive belly straps.

The Stanley Sport Experienced Swimmer canine Life Jacket is just the ticket if your pup is a strong swimmer. Its open design with adjustable straps is ideal for a wide range of motion and top floatation-assisted performance while in water. Like a harness, it has a heavy-duty D-ring for clipping on an attachment and an adjustable chest strap to accommodate various bulk sizes.

  1. Accidents happen

 Buying pet insurance is a life saver. Emergencies and accidents can happen anytime, and they are dangerous when deep water is involved. A durable life jacket with neck closure fastenings for a safety fit will keep your pup’s head afloat.

Whether your Dog is kicking it shoreside or has paws aboard a boat, a reliable life preserver will protect your Dog even if the worst happens.

  1. There may be unrecognized hazards in the water.

Even though it seems safe for your pup to go swimming, there could be hazards in the water. While pools are relatively safe, lakes may contain underwater debris like branches and foliage that your Dog can get caught up in. Swimming against a stream or river current can quickly lead to exhaustion. If your canine is swimming in the ocean, strong winds can cause him harm and be pushed out to sea.

In these situations, a life jacket can keep your canines head above water and potentially save its life.

5.    Spot your Dog in the water more efficiently.

While some dogs are “velcro dogs” who always stay by your side, others like to venture out independently. This means you may lose track of them while swimming in the water.

Some pups have a low profile when swimming. It’s easy to lose sight of your canine in the water. But if they’re wearing a colorful life jacket with reflective strips, you can spot them easily. There’s a reason the best dog life jackets come in bright colors; they allow you to locate your Dog faster, even from a distance. You will be relaxed if there’s an accident and your pup falls into the water or gets carried away by strong currents. He’s wearing a float with reflective trim so that you can spot him easily.

While every Dog should be adequately equipped for safety, certain dogs must be given life vests. Senior animals, canines with health or mobility issues, and dogs with low body fat, like Greyhounds, should always be appropriately secured and have pet insurance when going out onto the water. They are our family members, after all!


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