November 27, 2022

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Live Dealer Casinos: How They Work And Why Should Play At One

With the wide range of games available at most top casinos in recent times, players are spoilt for choice. However, online casinos that offer live dealer games represent a very popular trend in the gambling industry. As it evolves at a quick pace, this way of playing is ahead of various other games.

The presence of a real operator – much like in a physical location – can provide various benefits. However, it is equally important to understand what live dealer casinos are and how they work. To explain better, this is a guide on live dealer casinos. Keep on reading!

What are live dealer casinos?

These are gambling platforms where players can engage with real-time human dealers without the need to visit a physical casino. A video camera crew is often used to broadcast the game. Real dealers are present in studios and it is possible for players to use chat windows to ask questions, as well as wager from any location they might find themselves, regardless of the device they are playing with.

Even though all businesses and industries seem to go digital, it is important for casino operators never to stop investing in new technologies. The requirements of a good live dealer site include an operator, a pitmaster, an information manager, and more. Since it often takes a lot to establish this kind of casino, the number of games available is restricted. For most live dealer sites, the games available are roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and sic bo.

An essential component of a live dealer casino is the Game Control Unit (GCU). This is as big as the size of a shoebox. This is responsible for encoding video broadcasts on the internet and many other platforms. On these systems, the dealer can only handle the game by making use of the GCU. In other words, a live game can only be complete when there is a GCU. 

Playing at a top live dealer casino can be quite interesting. Players at casino777 often leave behind positive reviews about the gaming atmosphere.

Benefits of Playing At Live Dealer Casinos

The growing popularity of live dealer casinos is related to the various benefits of choosing such gambling sites.

Real-time gambling experience

This is considered by many as a huge benefit of live dealer casinos. A top gambling experience is often offered to players by live dealer gaming software providers. Now, players don’t have to visit a physical casino. Rather, these software suppliers have brought interesting games to players from the comfort of their devices. Dedicated studios are used for filming and this exposes players to an environment similar to a real-world casino venue.

Real-life dealer

Most players that visit casinos often point to the fact that they enjoy the environment since it gives them an opportunity to relate with other patrons. Professionally competent dealers are nice hosts who many punters like looking at and striking up conversations with.

Constant availability

Just like many other games that are available on the internet, playing a virtual game with a live dealer is possible at any hour of the day. It is not common to find film crews and even dealers to work in shifts. It takes only a few seconds for players to set up and start enjoying their favorite game at a live dealer casino. The only requirement that a player can need is the availability of a reliable internet connection.


The world of online wagering offers so much to choose from. However, live dealer casinos are becoming increasingly popular, thanks largely to the benefits players derive from choosing them.