November 27, 2022

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Best Ideas for Smart Cookie Packaging

For cookie manufacturing companies and bakers, it is important to get well-acquainted with the latest packaging industry developments. Product packaging is evolving and becoming user-friendly and sustainable than ever. Food businesses need to focus more on providing enduring packaging boxes that can enhance the shelf life of various eatable commodities. Cookies are considered as one of the popular snacks and giveaway items. Cookie packaging ought to provide protection to various kinds of cookies from getting soggy and crumbled. The stock and finishing options should be chosen keeping in view the texture of different cookies. Here are some ideas for smart cookie box packaging!

Cookie Boxes with Inserts and Trays

While getting your cookie boxes customized, ask your printer for inserts and trays, this would give additional protection to your cookies. If you have a cookie manufacturing business, having trays and inserts would assist you with supplying your products safely to retailers. The trays would also protect the cookies from getting crumbled on shelves. It becomes easier for customers to consume and stock cookies with inserts. They will be able to open up, eat and handle the packaging conveniently. Have a look at the stock options for trays; prefer the non-plastic ones for health and environment hazards.

Purposeful Cookie Packaging Boxes

Having useful and informative packaging always makes a great and lasting impression for a brand. You can give nutritional facts, recipe, calorie count and similar details on your custom printed cookie boxes for enlightening customers about your product. If you have low-calorie cookies for health-conscious people, the details of how these can be taken along with other healthy substitutes would make your product popular. If you are selling hand cooked cookies, you can give striking details of your original recipe, best before the date and other useful information to the consumers.

Recyclable Cookie Packaging

With the increasing environmental concerns, more and more businesses are turning towards recyclable packaging. Kraft paper is being avidly used for manufacturing product boxes. You can use kraft packaging for your cookies as these are chemical free, have an earthy appeal and can be reused and recycled easily. Having recyclable cookie boxes would earn your business a competitive advantage. You can also have your environment concern slogan printed on the packaging to be one of the businesses that support going green. Kraft packaging can be beautifully embellished with colourful ribbons and other accessories to add a striking appeal to them.

Window Cookie Boxes

Having window boxes for cookies would make it easy for you to display your cookies; it will be equally convenient for the customers to pick a cookie flavor of their choice. If you are a baker and intend to deliver cookies, these boxes would support your delivery staff to ensure that the texture of cookies remains intact during delivery. On special occasions and events, you can use these boxes to promote new cookie flavors to the customers. For favour and gift cookie boxes, this style of packaging is also a great option as it will give a sneak peek of your handmade delicacy to the guests.
You can discuss with your printer about the contemporary packaging trends and have them incorporated in your custom printed cookie boxes printing. Keep the elements of finesse and user-friendliness while customizing your product packaging boxes.