What You Need To Know About Doug Wright Hklaw

Doug Wright Hklaw LLP is a Canadian law firm that has been practicing law since 1903. Doug Wright Hklaw LLP has offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, and its lawyers have extensive experience in many different legal areas.

Doug Wright Hklaw Overview

Doug Wright Hklaw is a criminal defense law firm in Los Angeles. The firm was founded by Doug Wright in 1978. Doug Wright Hklaw represents clients in criminal and civil cases, including DUI violations and assault. The firm also offers legal advice to immigrants. Doug Wright Hklaw has an office in Los Angeles and a satellite office in Orange County.

The Firm’s History

Doug Wright Hklaw has a long and distinguished history, dating back to 1941. The Firm has a strong reputation in the legal community, and its lawyers have been recognized for their expertise in a wide range of legal areas.

Doug Wright Hklaw is known for its commitment to client service. The Firm’s lawyers are available 24/7, and they will go above and beyond to help you resolve your legal issue.

If you need legal advice, be sure to contact Doug Wright Hklaw. You won’t regret it!

Areas of Practice

As an attorney in the area of family law, Doug Wright Hklaw knows the ins and outs of divorce proceedings

Doug Wright Hklaw has also been recognized as one of the best family law attorneys in California by The National Law Journal

Doug Wright Hklaw is an experienced family law attorney who understands the nuances of divorce proceedings. He has also been recognized as one of the best family law attorneys in California by The National Law Journal. If you are facing a divorce, it is important to contact Doug Wright Hklaw for advice and representation.

The Team

Doug Wright LLP is a highly respected law firm with over 500 attorneys in 14 offices across the United States. The firm has experience and expertise in a wide range of legal areas, including commercial litigation, corporate and securities law, intellectual property, real estate, labor and employment law, as well as family law. Doug Wright LLP has also been recognized for its commitment to environmental justice and social responsibility.

If you are looking for a law firm with the experience and expertise to help you with your legal needs, then look no further than Doug Wright LLP.

Fees and Services

If you’re looking for a reliable lawyer, you should definitely consider Doug Wright Hklaw. This law firm offers a variety of services at affordable prices, making them a great option for those on a budget. Plus, they offer a variety of convenient payment options to make things even easier. Here are some of the fees and services offered by Doug Wright Hklaw:

– Legal services
– Criminal defense
– Real estate law
– Business law
– Family law

If you’re in need of legal help, Doug Wright Hklaw is the perfect choice. They offer affordable rates and a wide range of services to meet your needs. Plus, they have plenty of payment options available so you can get the service you need without breaking the bank.

A Brief History Of Doug Wright HKLaw

Doug Wright HKLaw is a leading law firm in Hong Kong. The firm was founded in 1984 by Doug Wright. Wright is a veteran lawyer and has worked at the firm since its inception. The firm has grown to become one of the largest law firms in Hong Kong. The Firm offers a wide range of legal services including business, estate, tax, litigation, and real estate. The Firm also has a strong civil litigation practice. The Firm has a large network of lawyers and clients throughout Hong Kong.

Doug Wright HKLaw: Home, Office & Global Law Firm

Doug Wright HKLaw is a law firm headquartered in San Francisco, California. The firm was founded in 1982 by Doug Wright and focuses on commercial litigation, corporate law, and securities law. The firm has approximately 150 attorneys and staff members.
In addition to its headquarters in San Francisco, Doug Wright HKLaw has offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo. The Hong Kong office opened in 2006 and the Tokyo office opened in 2007.
The firm has been recognized as one of the “Best Law Firms” by the National Law Journal and it has also been awarded the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell rating of “AV” (Arbitration/Visa).


Doug Wright Hklaw is a leading law firm specializing in intellectual property law, litigation, and arbitration. They have offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, as well as many other locations around the world. If you need legal assistance with any intellectual property-related matter, be sure to contact Doug Wright Hklaw. Thanks for reading!

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