September 26, 2022

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Why Are Small Dogs the Best For Travel?

Over time, more and more dog owners choose to bring their dogs with them when traveling. As most people know, dogs can be pretty stressful to travel with, especially if they are big dogs. Although it may be stressful to travel with your dog, there are many benefits to doing it, but even more, it benefits traveling with your small dog specifically.

When I say small dogs, typically I mean a dog less than 21 lbs but no more than 25 lbs and the very most.

You Can Bring Less Stuff

Small dogs don’t need to eat or drink as much as big dogs, so you can pack less of those things when traveling. Now you can bring a 10 lb bag of dog food on vacation for your Whoodle rather than the 50 lb bag that will go gone in 2 weeks from a German Shepard or Labrador Retriever.


There are many benefits to bringing a big dog camping, but even more with your little Whoodle.

To start, your Whoodle can sleep inside your sleeping bag or under the big blankets with you, and it will still be very enjoyable and comfortable. Another benefit is that you can tie the little thing to your camp chair so he won’t run off when you need to take a quick nap or use the bathroom. If that doesn’t work, you can put him inside a playpen, so there is no way of running off.


There are more benefits to traveling with your dog in the car than anywhere else.

They take up very little space, so you can pack a little extra luggage in case you need it. Instead of the baggage, it might even make room for an additional person if you want to invite another friend.

The nicest thing about road trips with a small dog is that they won’t bring as much mud and dirt in your car, even if they roll around in the mud at every stop. Another plus is that your small Whoodle can fit right inside your lap, but I strongly recommend only allowing that if you are stopped, it is not a safe way to travel for you or your dog.

Airplane Flights

The biggest benefit to being able to fly with your dog when traveling is that most smaller dogs can fly in the cab with you because they can fit just about anywhere. Now you won’t need to stress and wonder if your dog is ok like big dog owners do when their dog is down in the cargo.

If your dog wants to fly with you on an airplane, unless you have a service dog due to certain conditions, your dog must be able to fit inside of a carrier that tucks directly under the seat in front of yours.

Small Dogs Don’t Exceed The Hotel Weight Limits

Even though there are many dog-friendly hotels, most of them have a weight limit for dogs, but that should be no problem for your tiny friend. If your dog exceeds the weight limits, they won’t let you stay with him. To ensure the weight limit, research and find out what the limit is on the hotel you want to stay at before going there and wasting your time.


Traveling is an excellent example of why smaller dogs are better than big dogs. You can’t do near as much with a big dog because they take up every last inch of space on the airplane and in the car. If you are debating between a small dog or a big dog, look at your lifestyle. Is one of them going to be more suitable than the other? There are benefits to both, but nowadays, people have seemed to realize that small dogs have far more benefits than big dogs. Please research and find the perfect dog for you; understand the dog before you buy him!