Best Prince Of Persia Games, Ranked

Prince of Persia – oh, the nostalgia!

Since Ubisoft took over the franchise in 2003, it turned the whole series into something else – something more magical and engrossing.

Hence, in this article, we’ll reminisce about the long-lost series and revere the memories a bit with you. Let’s get started with it, then.

Best Prince Of Persia Games

Before we get started, here’s a disclaimer.

Not all of the games mentioned here can be found or played on PC. Nonetheless, whatever is available on PC, you can download them from thepirateproxybay.

Now, let’s start reading.

5. Prince Of Persia (2008)

In the year of 2008, Ubisoft tried to reinvent their coveted Prince of Persia series with a small reboot. And, what an entry it was, in our opinion.

The art style looked quite different from how it was previously. The character, the sky, as well as the environment was much more realistic. And, the voice acting?

Chef’s kiss!

The gameplay of the same also improved a little. But, we didn’t really like how the game was progressing. That’s why we put it in the fifth place.

Platform PS 3, PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS
Main Story Completion Time 12.0 hours
Initial Release Date 2nd December, 2008
What Should You Look For? The elusive art design and the storyline.

4. Prince Of Persia Classic

As the name suggests, it’s the remake of the first game where the Persian prince’s adventure started. And, it was much much better than most people thought about it.

Although it’s quite like any other platform game, the gameplay looked much more improved than the previous version. You could complete it in only two hours, but it was all quite fun!

However, the best thing about the game was the boss fights. They were difficult, intense, and massively underrated. Just play the game and you’ll understand what we’re talking about

Platform PS 3, PC, Xbox 360, iOS, Android
Main Story Completion Time 2.0 hours
Initial Release Date 13th June, 2007
What Should You Look For? Decent graphics and excellent gameplay.

3. Prince Of Persia – Warrior Within

Although being a part of the classic Sands of Time series, Warrior Within didn’t really get to the potential it had to offer. However, it still did what the franchise does best – offer excellent gameplay while furthering the storyline efficiently.

Apart from that, Warrior Within also came with a brand new hack and slash element and did let the player wield an additional weapon. But, the gameplay still could have been better.

Platform PS 2, PC, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, GameCube,
Main Story Completion Time 12.0 hours
Initial Release Date 2nd December, 2004
What Should You Look For? Amazing roguelike gameplay.

2. Prince Of Persia – The Two Thrones

A brutal hack-and-slash game with an excellent storyline, The Two Thrones has everything to keep you on the edge of your seat till the end.

It also marks the end of the Sands of Time trilogy, so it’s quite historically-important too.

The gameplay mechanic of the title is pretty unique and amazing due to the entry of the Dark Prince. On random occasions, your character will turn into him and perform a few new action sequences. However, he constantly loses health, so you’ll have to get sand to stay alive.

Platform PS 3, PC, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, GameCube
Main Story Completion Time 10.0 hours
Initial Release Date 1st December, 2005
What Should You Look For? The storyline, absolutely amazing!

1. Prince Of Persia – The Sands Of Time

The very first Prince of Persia game made by Ubisoft, The Sands Of Time, is pretty balanced. The combination of a platformer and an action-adventure game really looks classy here.

The graphics, too, look much more advanced and polished for a 2003-title. You may find a bit of bugs here and there. But, all in all, the game’s as good as it can get.

Platform PS 2, PC, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox
Main Story Completion Time 9.0 hours
Initial Release Date 28th October, 2003
What Should You Look For? Amalgamation of platformer and action-adventure.


So, that’s all for this article. If you want to add something else or get in touch with us, please do comment below. We’d love to properly interact with you!

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