How to Beautifully Hang a Mirror on the Wall without Nails or Hassles?

From making the interiors look spacious to help you get ready, a mirror is one eternal part of our routine that we never wish to skip. No matter how frustrated you be with your outfit or looks, standing in front of the mirror helps you motivate yourself for the better. Every single one of us loves the sight of ourselves. All the hatred and anger just flow away when you concentrate on yourself to realize how amazing you are! Therefore, owning decorative mirrors is never a question but a necessity to glorify the sight of your space.

Now, besides choosing the ideal mirror design, the question of how to place the mirror rises in many heads. It would be old school if you were still stuck with nails and drills to put anything against the wall. Destroying your walls just to beautify them later is as illogical as it sounds. Sure, without knowing the alternatives to placing a mirror, drilling nails was the only option to set a mirror against the wall.

But the times have changed for the better, and nowadays, it is not difficult to place a mirror without destroying the wall as a nail/drill does. Yes! Some alternatives would help you put a mirror against the wall with a guarantee of stability while harming your wall less than a nail or drill.

So without further ado, let’s dig into some of the most impressive alternatives of nails and drills that will help you put your decorative mirrors against the wall without the hassle:

Adhesive Tactics

Nails are famous for leaving unsightly blemishes on walls. Now the first alternative to placing a mirror would be heavy-duty adhesive tapes. It is pretty simple to use, and one can guarantee it with a mirror. Make sure you do not settle for a low-quality or cheap product for any of these alternatives. You require a heavy-duty adhesive that leaves you worry less once applied. Proportionally tape the back of the mirror design with adhesive tapes; remember that overdoing the taping will not increase the surety of it not falling off, so do not waste the resources.

Strong Mounting Tape

Mounting or double-sided tape is another adhesive tactic but of a different genre. These tapes are often used to stick heavy objects, but with a mirror, make sure you place the tape at equal gaps to strengthen the support. Randomly sticking the tape or taping it all around the mirror design would worsen things. Sure, the thought of ruining your wall paint might pop in your head, but small patch paint retouch ups are way easier than filling the drilled holes with plaster. Dual-purpose bathroom mirrors, heavy decorative mirrors, and sleek bedroom mirrors, one can use solid mounting tape to get such pieces to stick against the wall effortlessly.

Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Hooks

Another wise alternative for nails and drills to place a wall mirror would be suction cup hooks. They are famous for bathroom usage, as bathroom tiles are the toughest to use to their full potential. It’s an often sight to see plain bathroom walls. Apart from the apparent reasons for decor getting wet, not being able to drill without tile breakage is the issue behind bare bathroom walls. For bathroom mirrors, heavy-duty suction cup hooks would work wonders. Any wall where you fear water splashes would be a common sight; these suction cup hooks would work wonderfully well. You can use these hooks on the balcony, kitchen, and bathroom would be best used. Having the elegance of an exquisite mirror design never fails in any part of the house; hence splash the beauty of eccentric mirror designs wherever you feel like without a worry.

The alternatives mentioned above to placing a mirror without nails are the most effective ones, so make sure you give them a try to test them out yourself.
Now beautifying your space with mirrors will no longer be a give-giving situation for you. Glam your walls with the elegance of mirror design without harming your walls in any way.

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