December 3, 2022

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Sarees highlight every right curve of our body, to look beautiful in sarees is what we all look for. Sarees are worn to look elegant, graceful, and a beautiful diva. With the right way to wear it and the right kind of fabric used in the saree can make you look slim and beautiful all at the same time. 

By reading more here you’ll get some tricks up your sleeves on how to drape the saree in a way that will make you look slimmer and taller. Find out more ways to drape your sarees right here, and without wasting time. 

Sarees are getting trendier with each passing day, even though sarees are one of the ancient attire of Indian history. Who doesn’t like to wear a saree? The feel, the elegance, and the look it brings with it are mesmerizing.


But as everything has a downfall even this queen of attires has a con, when not worn in a proper manner you’ll look like a sack of clothes-wearing, or a mountain of clothes. 

If truth be told, not everyone is made for saree, and not everyone has the perfect hourglass body to look beautiful, but that doesn’t mean if you master the art of draping you can look slim and look beautiful too.

You can’t be disappointed after buying a saree worn by a mannequin or a fashion diva not looking good on you, we are real people with real bodies which are not always perfect. 

You don’t have to lose weight or get yourself on a diet or exercise to get an inch taller height, you can still look tall and slim you know how? By draping in some styles and fabrics which will help you look slimmer. This article is all about how to do that?

You’ll see many women wearing sarees in many different styles and even walking with their chins up and confident, making you wonder how you are going to look slim. The answer is you being the master in draping it in the right way. There are hundreds of ways in which you can wear the saree, but with the right way of draping you’ll look only slim but a real Diva.                 


We as a whole know, it isn’t not difficult to wrap a saree. Furthermore, wearing it with balance is much more difficult . Here are some things to remember and some saree hanging styles to look thin. To make  a saree style to look thin, the important thing to remember is to pick the right texture. Try not to go for textures that are challenging to manage.

The exceptionally smart thing to do is to fold the saree perfectly and appropriately at the waist so it creates no volume at that part. Likewise, don’t go for an excessive number of pleats. Please look great, yet it likewise includes a ton of undesirable volume to your look. To accomplish a thin and a tall look, wrap your saree firmly everywhere.

Besides, keep the palla of your saree open and let it fall. At the point when you let the palla fall from your shoulders, it conceals every one of the volumed lumps and gives a rich appearance. You can opt for an all-dark shade  look, which never goes out of fashion. Alternate ways of understanding how to wrap a saree to look thin and tall are putting the pallu on the front, the mermaid styled saree or the twofold layered pallu.

Here are a few hints to look thin in saree. In the event that you’re somebody who’s on the A Healthier side, we recommend you  to select lighter textures like chiffon, crepe, georgette or a light mix of silk. Have a go at staying away from a weighty lined saree and furthermore an extremely decorated saree, these things just make you look clumsy.


Discussing prints, we as a whole love prints, isn’t that right? Try not to forget prints, moreover pick more subtle prints or weavings. Coming to colors, pick your varieties shrewdly. Decide on hazier varieties, as they appear to give a slimmer deception to the people who check you out.

Lighter tones will not do much when you need a slimmer appearance. Another thing that individuals couldn’t care less about is what to wear under saree to look thin. The response is-an underskirt of the right fit. Wear a straight fit underskirt, and not the erupted ones or the free ones.


At the point when a saree is coordinated with the right blouse, it has a ton of effect. Presently, how to look thin in a saree blouse? Continuously, consistently wear a pullover of the right fit. Never be reckless about your pullover. A Blouse that is too free will make your body look poorly formed, and a pullover that is too close will flaunt your flaws.

We’re certain you don’t believe that should occur. Besides, keep away from sleeveless, bridle necks, off bore, or a cap-sleeved Blouse since it will feature the width of your chest area. In the event that you have tightened up arms and shoulders, then, at that point, we offer you a go-ahead to display these styles.

In the event that your trouble spot is your stomach, go for a more drawn blouse. With the indo-western pattern being almost there, you canṣ likewise match it up with a coat or a petticoat to conceal your belly. It likewise looks very in vogue.


Textures assume a significant part and can be the game changer on how you will look. The fact that you decide to be persistently careful about the material. There can be different saree materials to look thin. Pick those materials that are not excessively firm or tense, since they don’t give an incredible fall nor are they simple to wrap.

Keep away from textures like organza, south cotton, jacquard, banarasi sarees and then some assuming you truly wish to look slimmer. Make textures like georgette, chiffon, crepe, and silk your closest companions. One thing that you should be truly cautious about is, pick nothing and everything.

At the point when we say lighter textures, pick admirably. Light textures can here and there be straightforward and may look tenacious.