November 27, 2022

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Top 9 Trendy Abayas

If you are looking for abayas that give an elegant and cool look in winter, you need to consider two basic factors: first color, and second fabric. Here we will guide you with some of the best colors and fabrics of abaya that you should prefer wearing in winter. Abaya online dresses have always been extremely versatile, and attractive in winter, especially the ones in earthy colors such as brown, green, shades of blacks, and greys.

1. Brownish Abaya

The embellished abaya is the most adorable Abaya. This brownish abaya is made of jacquard fabric which gives you the feel of warmth on cool winter days. Bisht style beads embellished abaya give you an eye-catchy look wherever you wear it on any special occasion. The abaya features matching Sheila along with it. Modern ladies prefer embellished abaya and earthy tones over bold colors. This embellished abaya gives you the ultimate party feeling of the wearer. The abaya trend has picked quite some pace in the abaya fashion world. They can turn your look glamorous, keeping the purpose and reason for wearing the abaya. If you want to purchase this brownish embellished abaya and customize it for you.

2. Green Abaya

If you are a fan of the green abaya, you should prefer buying this feather embossed abaya. If you are looking for some adorable embellished abaya, then this is the one you should look up for. This abaya can give you the most elegant and eye-catchy look.

3. Olive Green Abaya

These days pocket-style abaya is highly preferred abayas. Every individual today uses mobile phones, and the more hectic thing is to handle them carefully. This is more problematic when you wear an abaya or some occasional attire that does not include a pocket. So here comes the most awaited abaya that includes two pockets at the front, which give an elegant look. The olive green color is most trending in abaya as it gives a unique look. The pocket abaya features collar style and is crafted from jacquard fabric, and comes with pretty matching Sheila. The gold and black color abaya suit perfectly well on almost all skin colors.

4. Collared Black Abaya

Collared modern style abaya features abaya made of wool blend material and comes with a pretty matching Sheila. Black color is the classiest of all, which is our all-time favorite. This open-front collared black abaya can give you the most enhanced look. The collared abaya set can be worn in both occasional and formal events. So, if you are looking for such winter wear abayas, then this is the one you should opt for. A collared black woolen abaya gives a cozy and warm feeling.

5. Collared Modern Style Abaya

This is another collar-style abaya with which you may fall in love every time you wear it. Bluish collar style abaya is also crafted from wool blend fabric to give you a warm and cozy feel. The abaya comes with pretty matching Sheila and can turn your look glamorous, keeping intact the purpose and reason for wearing the abaya. This abaya is for all the youngsters out there who love dressing up in woolen fabric. If you want to make this yours 100%, you can contact us for customization.

6. Velvet Fabric

Velvet is also the most comfortable fabric in winter. With the cold chills of the winters freezing us, we undoubtedly look for a better piece of clothing to get a cozy and warm feel. With abaya, we would not require much as it already covers most parts of the body. But if you are intolerant to the cold winter, opt for velvet abaya. Be it casual or festive, velvet fabric abayas currently trending.

7. Lace Embellished Bisht Abaya

When you have lace embellished Bisht style abaya in velvet fabric, what else would you want? This purple lace embellished abaya is crafted from velvet fabric and comes with a pretty matching Sheila. The shoulders are heavily embellished with heavy lace to give you the most adorable look. You should add this lace embellished Bisht abaya collection to your closet to make your appearance more interesting. Be it a party, festive or casual outing; the embellished abaya is chic.

8. Jacquard Fabric Abaya

Khaleeji women have become more experimental and confident with their fashion. They don’t hesitate anymore to try new ways of draping themselves in abaya. One such trend in abaya designs that got noticed is the abaya of jacquard fabric. One of the most elegant abaya in the jacquard fabric is collar style abaya.

9. Collar Style Abaya

Grey collar style abaya features wide sleeves made of jacquard material and comes with pretty matching Sheila. If you are a fan of jacquard fabric, then this is the one you should opt for. Collar style abaya is the most loved, especially for working women, as it gives a formal look.

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