Interesting stories about Raksha Bandhan

You may be thinking why people are so willing to know about the festival or other things. The real reason behind the willingness of the people is that, when the thing people like, they have the desire to know about that thing as much as he or she gets to know about it. You may love to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan festival with your sibling. The festival is not only a festival for you, but it can be an emotion for you. You also want to know about the Raksha Bandhan as much as you get to know about it.

There are a lot of interesting facts about Raksha Bandhan, that everybody doesn’t know. But today you are going to know about some of the most interesting facts about Raksha Bandhan, that you may not have known before today. So you just see these interesting facts, and some of the facts which you are going to see about the Raksha Bandhan, that may make you surprised and shocked as well. Because the interesting facts which you are seeing here, those facts you can’t even think about, can be true about the Raksha Bandhan festival. So you see the interesting facts about the Raksha Bandhan festival and enjoy it.

Lord Porus and Alexander’s story – Raksha Bandhan

You may be thinking that the rakhi is important only in India, and no other country and ruler is going to give much importance to it. But you are going to be shocked after you get to know that Alexander’s wife sent the rakhi to lord Porus and made him his brother. You can also send the rakhi online to your brother in this modern time, as Alexander’s wife sent.  By giving respect to the rakhi, when lord Porus wins the fight, after that loss he doesn’t kill Alexander, because of the rakhi that his wife sent to him. So these interesting facts show how much respect the rakhi has earned from the people. So this is an interesting fact also, which is the Raksha Bandhan.

Indrani and Indra’s story

Many people think that only a sister can tie the rakhi to his brother, but this is not true. You can even know about it, by reading this interesting fact which is about Raksha Bandhan. When Indra is to fight with the demons before Indra leaves for a fight, that time is what Indrani did. She ties the rakhi to his husband, and this changes the thinking and culture of this festival, that only a sister can tie the rakhi to his brother. So this is one of the most unknown facts of Raksha Bandhan.

Maintain peace – Raksha Bandhan

You may not know about it, but the festival of rakhi is not only used to celebrate the relationship, and love of brother and sister but Rabindranath Tagore used this festival in old times to maintain peace between the Hindus and Muslims also in the country. You can even order and send online gifts also from that site, which you use for reading their biography. If you don’t know about it, then you can read it in the biography of Rabindranath Tagore. He tries to keep all the religions together, that’s why he organizes a huge Raksha Bandhan event, every year. So this is an interesting fact about Raksha Bandhan also, that Rabindranath Tagore uses it to maintain peace.

Humayun Raksha Bandhan’s promise

This story is enough to tell the power of this festival, and most importantly the power of the rakhi. So what happens, when bahadur shah attacks the kingdom of rani karnavati in Chittoor at that time, the karnavati ask for the help of Humayun. She asks for help by sending a rakhi with the letter. Humayun comes to help the karnavati, but he is a little late, and the karnavati loses her life. But as Humayun promised her that she would defeat the bahadur shah to save her kingdom, Humayun did the exact thing. Humayun defeated the bahadur shah and gave the free kingdom to the son of rani karnavati to rule. So this is an interesting fact about the Raksha Bandhan also.

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You get to see about the interesting facts of Raksha Bandhan, now you feel that you may not know many things or facts about Raksha Bandhan that you get to know today. The thinking that you have about Rakhi before reading these interesting facts is going to be completely changed. So you see these interesting facts and enjoy this festival with new knowledge and facts. The experience of celebrating this festival is also going to be more happy and exciting for you because you know about the interesting facts about it.

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