November 27, 2022

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Pacman 30th Anniversary: Fun Facts and Interesting Stories about the Game

Pac-Man is one of the most famous video games in history. Everyone knows the yellow ghost, blue ghost, and red ghost — even people who have never touched a joystick. But do you know when this game was released, or how many times Pac-Man has appeared as a cameo character in other video games since his debut? Instead of simply enjoying the anniversary, we thought about it again and investigated some fun facts about everyone’s favorite yellow circle with big mouths and scary monsters. Keep reading for more fascinating details about the game that started an international craze!

30 years of Pac-Man: A brief history

The history of Pac-Man begins with a Japanese game designer named Toru Iwatani. While working at Midway, he designed a game that would be a breakaway hit and make his name in the video game industry. American distributors changed the name to Pac-Man because they felt that the Japanese title, Puck-Man, would not be understood by the American public. The game was first released in Japanese arcades in 1980. In 1981, Pac-Man’s popularity in the United States grew to the point that it was necessary to create special machines that could handle the volume of players. The game remained popular for decades, with each new generation of gamers discovering Pac-Man and falling in love with it. Pac-Man is the winner of several awards, including the Game of the Century award from the Golden Joystick Awards, the first game to have an International Sequel Day and to be inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. It is also the Guinness World Record holder for being the world’s most successful coin-operated arcade game.

Why is Pac-Man called Pac-Man?

The name was originally Puck-Man, but the American distributor Midway decided to change the name to Pac-Man (despite the name having nothing to do with Pac-Man’s diet). According to the designer Toru Iwatani, Pac-Man was changed because Puck-Man sounded too Japanese. “Pac” is short for “pakku”, a Japanese word for “to gobble up”. The word “puck” also has a hockey connection: the puck used in ice hockey is round, like the Puck-Man logo. However, Midway used the word “Pac” to avoid a possible lawsuit from the National Hockey League which owns the rights to the word “puck”.

Pac-Man: The game that changed the world

Pac-Man is one of the most famous arcade games in the world. It is estimated that this game has been installed in more than 100,000,000 cabinets. In 1999, Nintendo released the NES Mini Classic, and Pac-Man was among the games included in the system. In 1980, Pac-Man became the first game to earn $1 billion in quarters, which was a fortune at that time. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Pac-Man is the best-selling arcade game of all time. The invention of Pac-Man is also notable for being one of the first games to have a major merchandising presence.

Where are the ghosts’ names?

Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are the names of Pac-Man’s enemies, who are known as ghosts. The characters’ names have never been officially confirmed, but many people believe that the names were selected to match the colors of the ghosts. Blinky is named after the color of his eyes, Pinky after the color of his skin, Inky after the color of his mouth and Clyde after the color of his nose. However, this is only speculation, as the creator never confirmed these names.

Interesting facts about Pac-Mans’ enemies

– Who owns the rights to Pac-Man? The game is owned by a Japanese company called Namco, which also created the game. However, the rights to the Pac-Man characters are owned by various companies in the United States. – How many people have died while playing Pac-Man? The game has been linked to at least one death. In 1981, a woman playing the game in a bar in New York died of a fever brought on by a bacterial infection. – How long does a Pac-Man game last? A standard game lasts for 30 seconds, but the player can continue playing as long as they have continues. – How did Pac-Man predict the future? The game predicted everything from the invention of the Internet to the appearance of emojis and even the Big Bang.

The most famous Easter Eggs in Pac-Man games

– Mario and Pac-Man in Super Mario World: If you play as Yoshi in a level of Super Mario World, you can see Pac-Man running in the background. – Secret Message in Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures: If you type in “CHEAT”, you see a secret message from the creator of the game. – Pac-Man in other video games: Pac-Man has appeared in more than 100 video games since his debut in 1980. These include other Namco games such as Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man World, Pac-Man Battle Royale, and Tekken, as well as non-Namco games such as, Street Fighter II, Mario Kart, and even Guitar Hero.


We wrote this article to celebrate the birthday of one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. Pac-Man was created by Japanese designer Toru Iwatani and first released in 1980. Pac-Man is a famous arcade game that has remained popular for decades, and has even been featured in many other video games. The game has been played by millions of people around the world, including celebrities like Tom Hanks, who have been fans since the 1980s. While Pac-Man’s birthday is a great time to celebrate this classic game, it is also a good reminder of how far the video game industry has come in the last three decades!