10 Tips for Throwing a Great College Dorm Party

Having the best college dorm party is a lot like baking a cake. There are many layers and details to consider, but in the end, it’s all worth it when you see your friends having an awesome time. To throw a great college dorm party, you need to have everything nailed down beforehand so that when party time hits, you can relax and enjoy yourself as well. An effective planning process will help ensure your party goes off without a hitch and leaves your guests talking about it for weeks afterward. Here are 10 pointers on how you can throw a fabulous party in your dorm so that everyone has an awesome time!

Make sure your dorm is clean and tidy before the party starts

This might seem like an odd thing to check off the list, but believe us, it’s an important one. If your room is a mess and full of clutter, you’ll have a hard time having friends over. Nobody wants to go to a super messy party, so try to tidy up your room a bit before the party starts. It’s not the end of the world if your room isn’t spotless, but it will make things easier on you and your guests if it’s a little bit neater. Now, you don’t have to clean your whole dorm room. You just need to make sure that stuff like your bed and desk are tidy and that the floor isn’t covered in debris. Don’t worry, though. A quick 5-minute cleanup will do the trick!

Create an event invitation and send it 2 weeks in advance

You might think that an event invitation is a silly thing to do for a college dorm party, but believe us, it’s a good idea! Not only does an invitation make it much easier for people to RSVP to your event, but it also helps get everyone excited for the party. There are a ton of free online invitation websites out there where you can create an event invitation. Or, if you’d prefer, you can always make a physical invitation by printing one out on cardstock paper and mailing it out. Just remember to send your invitations at least 2 weeks in advance so that your guests have plenty of time to plan their schedules around the party.

Pick your date, time and location well in advance

A great way to get the party started is by picking your date and time well in advance while also taking your location into account. If you’re hosting the party in a public place, you’ll want to choose a time when you won’t disturb other patrons. However, if you’re hosting at home, you’ll want to pick a time that corresponds with your roommate’s class schedule to reduce the chances of them coming home early. Pick a date that corresponds with school breaks or vacation periods when many of your friends will be free. Avoid picking a date that corresponds with a major holiday such as New Year’s Eve or Halloween, as many of your guests might have other plans on those dates.

Decide on food and drinks you’ll have at the party

A great way to keep the party flowing is by planning out the menu and drinks that you’ll have on hand. Decide what you’ll have to eat, as well as what drinks you’ll have available for your guests. You can stick to simple snacks like chips and dip, or you can get a little fancier with things like chips and guacamole. And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with having lots of snacks and no real meal. Just make sure you have plenty of beverages to go along with the food. You might also want to ask some of your guests what they like to eat and drink, just to make sure you have something everyone enjoys. Also, keep in mind any dietary restrictions your guests might have. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert, too!

Decide on games or activities for when people are eating

If you’re having a meal at your party, you’ll want to have some activities ready to go while people are eating so that the meal doesn’t drag on forever. You don’t need to have a ton of activities ready to go, though. Just have a few things ready to go, such as a trivia game or a deck of cards. Remember, though, that cards are best for quieter groups of people. If you have a rowdy social table at your party, you might want to have another activity ready for them in addition to the cards. You can also decide to have an activity ready to go after the meal is over. This way, people can enjoy the meal without feeling rushed or pressured to keep the conversation going.

Have enough munchies for when people are drinking

When you’re serving alcohol at your party, make sure to have plenty of munchies available for when people are drinking. Having snacks around when people are drinking is essential to keeping the party flowing. Alcohol is notorious for making people a bit more awkward around their friends, so having something to munch on while they’re drinking can help ease some of that awkwardness. Try to have a variety of snacks on hand at your party, such as chips, pretzels, and nuts. You might also want to have some simple desserts on hand in case people are hungry while they’re drinking. Easy desserts like ice cream or cookies are great for when people are drinking!

Make sure you have enough room for dancing

If you decide to have a dance at your party, make sure you have enough room for people to comfortably dance and move around. Having too little space for dancing can make the whole event feel cramped and uncomfortable. Try to have enough room for people to move around without bumping into each other. You can also have a designated area for people to stand if they’re feeling a bit squished. If you want to make sure every person has a chance to dance, consider having a few different types of dancing at the party. Have both a quieter, slower dance and a rowdier, more upbeat dance to give everyone a chance to let loose.


Remember, a great college dorm party isn’t just about the food or drinks you have or the games you play. Instead, it’s about the experience as a whole. Your guests should walk away from your party feeling like they had an awesome time. If you follow these tips and make sure to have fun while you’re hosting, there’s a good chance your party will be one for the record books!

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