November 27, 2022

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The wedding venue checklist

A wedding venue is a place where a wedding ceremony or the wedding reception is held. A wedding venue can be of different types. It can be a farmhouse, a villa, a resort, or a banquet hall inside a hotel. A typical wedding venue usually has a lawn for outside parties and parking spaces. No matter how much you plan for your wedding, nothing works out if the wedding venue is not decided first. From decoration to dresses, and choice of themes to the menu of catering, everything depends on the venue. A gorgeous and spacious venue within budget is the dream of every couple who ties the knot. But finding the right venue often becomes quite a daunting task because of the several factors that come into play. Couples are so overwhelmed with the number of options available on the internet that they become literally confused and can’t decide which of those venues is the best suited for their wedding.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to spot the perfect venue for your dream wedding. The article provides you with a complete wedding venue checklist, including specific questions that need to be asked to the venue managers, to guide you in your search for that perfect venue and help you zero in on the right one.  

The wedding venue checklist

Make sure that you have answers to all the following questions before you make your final decision and book the right venue for your wedding. 

What is the total number of guests?

The most important factor to consider while selecting the venue is the total number of guests you are going to invite for your wedding ceremony or the reception. Everything depends on this number. Match it with the capacity of the venues you have shortlisted. 

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Does the venue have sufficient parking space? Do they have valet parking?

Check the number of cars the venue can accommodate in its parking space. Is that enough for your guests? Enquire whether the venue has a valet parking facility available. Do they charge extra for the valet parking?

What is the check-out time?

Note down the check-in and check-out times of the venue. Enquire whether the venue charges something extra if the party stretches longer than expected. Can the gifts and other valuables be collected the next morning or does the entire place have to be vacated by night? 

Does the venue provide essential services like catering, decoration, music and DJ in-house? 

Most of the banquet halls in Delhi NCR provide these services in-house. If these services are mandatory and not optional, and you are okay with it, don’t forget to have a one-to-one discussion with each of these vendors and know about their terms and conditions before booking the venue. 

Is the menu customizable?

Ask the venue manager whether the menu is customizable in case you opt for the in-house catering services. 

Are you allowed to hire vendors of your choice?

The next question is obvious after the previous one. Does the venue allow you to hire a caterer, decorator or flower vendor of your choice? Would you need to pay any surcharge for bringing in such vendors from outside? 

What is the beverage policy of the venue?

Does the venue allow drinks? Do they have in-house service related to serving drinks? If yes, what is the alcohol license fee that they charge? Don’t forget to ask all these questions if you are planning to get a bit tipsy with your guests on D-Day. Also, enquire whether outside drinks are allowed. Ask whether the venue allows clients to bring outside vendors of their choice to set up bars at the wedding reception. All the best banquet halls near West Delhi are flexible about this. They offer their clients both the options mentioned above. 

Are cleaning services included in the venue costs or does an extra amount have to be paid?

Before you make the final decision, enquire whether the venue charges extra for essential services like cleaning or the labor charges are included in the price. 

Does the venue charge extra for security services?

An Indian wedding is a celebration of wealth and grandeur. An average Indian wedding deals with cash assets and valuables worth millions. And most of them are brought to the wedding venue. Hence, adequate security is very important for a wedding venue. Enquire whether the venue has enough armed men to guard the venue and whether they charge extra for those services. 

What are the services they offer complimentary with the package?

List down all the services the venue is offering complementary to the package. Also, note down the services which are excluded but available at extra cost. 

Does the venue provide space for a live music party or setting up a dance floor?

Enjoying the occasion and sharing the joy with the near and dear ones are the primary objectives behind organizing a wedding party. Needless to say, entertainment is crucial to weddings. Ask the venue manager whether the venue provides the space for setting up a dance floor or for live music performance. Ask them whether they have provisions for an in-house DJ party. Normally, even a cheap banquet hall in south Delhi has provisions for live music and a dance floor. 

What are the restrictions?

Now, here is the big question. Ask the venue manager whether the venue imposes any restrictions on the wedding celebrations. Enquire whether the venue has any noise restrictions after a certain time at night. Ask them whether fireworks or crackers are allowed. Most of the venues do not allow confetti. Enquire whether you can use those small colorful papers at your wedding. 

Does the venue have restrooms for the bride and groom?

This is very important if the venue you are planning to hire for your wedding is anything other than banquet halls and resorts. While hotels and resorts have enough rooms with attached toilets for the bride, groom and their family members, the same may not be true for farmhouses and villas. So, it’s better to ask beforehand whether they have restrooms available and whether those are included in the package or not. 

What are the venue’s cancellation and refund policy?

Life is uncertain. Nobody knows what happens and when. Ask the venue manager what is the cancellation and refund policy of the venue, in case, the event gets canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Final lines:

When it comes to weddings, the venue holds the first position on the list of priorities. Everything else revolves around it. A perfect venue can set the right stage for a dream and memorable wedding while miscalculations and misjudgments about the venue may lead to disappointments that are not fun for anyone.  The entire wedding with its rituals and celebrations depends on the venue. Therefore, it’s important to enquire thoroughly and check all the facts before choosing the best banquet halls in Delhi