Time I Knew I Needed Psychotherapy! (Make it H1)

“Hello! Hopefully, by the Time I will re-read this message, my anxiety will have gone away. If not, then I may be struggling with the same issues. Nevertheless, I have chosen this medium to pour out everything that has been bundled inside me for many months. Before I begin, I want to thank my Uncle for taking me to a Jungian analyst near me. Anyways, Jack, let’s do it.”

My Life earlier  (Make it H2)

Life was pretty easy and happy. Everything was perfectly normal like it is in the life of an ordinary student. I was in college, my exams were on, and I had planned a bunch of things I would do after completing my program. I enjoyed the sunsets, the sunrises, and everything. My parents loved me enough, and I had no stressful situation that could take me down. I was a happy person who knew how to make others happy and stay happy no matter what life threw at me. But, it’s said the pretty phase doesn’t last for longer. My romanticization of life ended the day when I encountered a disease.

The Uncertainty (Make it H2)

“Today, when I am sharing this, I can say I am still recovering. Those days felt like everything was slipping away from the grasp of my hands like sand. I didn’t know what to do. It seemed as if all the planning was worthless because my life became uncertain. It felt like I am in a never-ending loop and unable to find a way out.”

The standstill, I never wanted (Make it H2)

The standstill was like a nightmare. Honestly, everything in life is uncertain, but my mind and heart were focused on just one word– uncertain. I wish I could tell how breathless I felt at times. A continuous sharp ache in my heart consumed me completely, and waking up in the middle of the night by choking, became everyday routine. It was like peace had left me. 

Dark Chapters are Necessary (Make it H2)

Like other parents, my family also thought I was struggling with study pressure or maybe because of a curable disease for which I was taking treatment. However, that chapter of my life is dark but still necessary. It was dark because it made me realize the importance of the present and now. I needed to get out of the books and see the world with my own eyes. The chapter was necessary because I got to understand the fragile nature of humans. One blow and all years of your strength are gone away!

I am Fine now, Thanks to Psychotherapy (Make it H3)

Before this episode, I used to think Psychotherapy was only an expensive label that the rich could afford. But, my mindset changed when I met my psychotherapist, who helped me get out of that loop I thought I would always be stuck in. Thanks to my Uncle, who, after a simple talk, knew that I could not communicate. And he didn’t just barge the advice; instead, he tried to build a comfortable area where I could share my thoughts. But, after finding how resilient I was, he took me to his friend who gives advanced counseling services. Thanks to that, I am all fine now. And, Thanks for listening to my story.


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