November 26, 2022

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Is It Worth Freezing Kratom To Keep It Fresh?Make it H1

Many people like to use kratom powder for health benefits, and therefore they buy it in bulk. But this raises the question of how you can store kratom and its counterparts like Yellow Sumatra Kratom in the appropriate manner? Many of you might be wondering should I freeze kratom? After all, freezing keeps several things fresh. So, is the same hold true for kratom? 

Let’s understand in detail about freezing kratom and things to remember about its storage. (Make it H2)

Keeping it fresh(Make it H3)

Kratom has an intact shelf life before its alkaloids start to break down. The shelf life is nearly three months when you keep it at room temperature. But here is the catch: you can prolong its life by freezing it. In this way, you can keep the alkaloids present in it safe and away from degradation for up to 12 months. 

Don’t forget that it is imperative to use kratom within three months as, after that, the active compounds in it reduce in concentration, and the quality of the kratom reduces. But using proper storage techniques can work wonders for you. 

How does it work when you think of storing it?(Make it H3)

The chief alkaloids 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine in kratom are found in the cells of the kratom plant. When kratom leaves are harvested, dried, and made into powder, it keeps the alkaloids intact. Freezing kratom powder leads to lysis. It is the process that assists the kratom cells in releasing the alkaloids. It keeps the potency of the kratom going on for a longer period of time. 

How to freeze it the right way? (Make it H3)

To freeze kratom the right way, you need to buy vacuum-sealed bags. When you decide to freeze the kratom powder, measure its amount and keep it in a freezer-friendly container or in a vacuum-sealed bag. Now, put it in the freezer and mark it clearly so that you don’t forget to take it out whenever you want to use it. 

When you feel like using it and defrost it, take it out. Before opening it, let it give some time to come to room temperature. Why is this so? A big temperature swing can lead to humidity that can negatively affect the quality of the alkaloids and may even possibly degrade them. It is advisable to freeze kratom powder in vacuum-sealed bags for up to 12 months and still enjoy its freshness. 

Things to remember for kratom storage(Make it H3)

Keep it dry – Liquid is the rival of kratom powder. Take steps to keep the kratom powder like yellow Vietnam kratom powder or red maeng da kratom powder out from any moisture to prolong its life. If liquid finds its way to the kratom, it can impact its consistency and may also lead to clumping. It may also give way to the mold to grow on wet kratom. As soon as you notice that there is mold on kratom, throw it away to keep yourself safe. 

Keep it airtight – Store the kratom in an airtight container for its longer life as it is sensitive to environmental factors. Vacuum-sealed bags or tight-fitting lid jars can do the needful. 

Takeaway(Make it H3)

The above-mentioned tips are enough to give you an idea about freezing kratom and storing it the right way. Start using them and let us know your thoughts.