December 2, 2022

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How do you manage Indian wedding in the summer?

Wedding planning is a time-consuming and tedious process that can test the patience of even the most level-headed person. Planning a wedding in India during the summer months adds further challenges to an already challenging task. The weather, coupled with prevailing beliefs about the month of marriage, ensures that there are certain considerations one must make when it comes to choosing attire for guests and locales for hosting functions.

The Wedding choreographer in Delhi suggests some of the things to consider when planning a summer wedding

-Weather conditions:

The weather during the summer months is usually pleasant with high temperatures during the full day. However, there is a high chance of humidity & heat waves conditions, so make sure that you have a plan ready for outdoor functions. April and June are the warmest months in most parts of the country, thus considering the right venue is necessary.

-Wedding attire:

Guests attending a summer wedding in India will need to take into account the prevailing weather conditions when choosing their outfits. For the bride and groom, it is advisable to choose traditional outfits that will keep you cool. If you are hosting a wedding outdoors, make sure that the venue has arrangements for AC to keep guests cool.

-Planning ceremonies:

Most families prefer to conduct all ceremonies associated with the wedding in one day. This includes the phera ceremony, mehendi, sangeet, and reception. However, if your family prefers to have them spread out over a few days, make sure that you have enough cool clothing to keep yourself comfortable.


Many families prefer to host the wedding in their own backyard, open space, or banquet. However, if you are traveling from out of town, make sure that you have booked your accommodation well in advance. There will be a high demand for hotels and guest houses during the summer months in India.


If you’re having an indoor wedding in India during summer, consider hiring a professional to entertain your guests while they wait for the ceremony to start. A DJ can provide music to your ears, while the Choreographers in Delhi can make you dance to the music.

Planning a summer wedding in India can be challenging but it is also an incredibly memorable experience. By keeping the prevailing weather conditions in mind, guests can ensure that they enjoy the wedding festivities to the fullest. Consider the above points to make the wedding an unforgettable affair and hire a Wedding Choreographer for the best couple dance and to entertain the guests.