September 26, 2022

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Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Math Skills Fresh Over the Summer with QuestMath

Math is all about learning and practicing over and over. Once you are out of this practice you are likely to forget the concepts of math. Since math is a progressive subject you need to learn and recall every step of every concept. Because there might be some base of the former topic in the latter one. Summers are bad-mouthed for brain drain. 

During the summer vacation, students tend to get involved more in extra activities like playing outdoor games and traveling to their favorite destinations. But mostly, they sideline the studies. Some subjects require regular practice, like science and math. 

Since math is a progressive subject, it is important to keep in touch with the concepts and skills in math regularly. The QuestMath website offers the best of its facilities to the students, where they train them with the math skills that will help them to retain their math skills over the summers. 

Follow the Four-Step Approach to Revise Syllabus

To retain your math skills, you have to be constantly in touch with your studies. Remember that math is all about revision and regular practice. You can practice and polish your math skills with the help of the four-step approach provided by the QuestMath online learning platform, which follows the-

  1. Learn to visualize the concepts, and build reasoning skills.
  2. Sprint to ace the mental math accuracy.
  3. Apply the learned information to real-life applications and master the word problems.
  4. Challenge themselves to learn how to integrate the concepts into each other and master advanced problem-solving.

Best of Singapore and Russian Math Skills

One should always keep on learning something new. Even math has something to learn different and be creative. QuestMath provides the opportunity to refresh your maths skills over the summer by enrolling yourself with the website. This website provides you the advantage of learning the best of Singapore and Russian math skills. The Singapore Math learning style teaches problem-solving and real-life applications skill-based skills and Russian Math induces visualization and reasoning ability skills in students.

Updated Information With the Definitive Curriculum 

Every time, after a leap of a year or two, there are updates in the education system. Be it the pattern or the updations in the existing theories. At QuestMath, students will never run out of quality content. You can trust the education pattern of the website. They provide the students with a strong curriculum that is backed by strong research and has been accepted and approved by global experts in math.

Level 3 Certified Teachers to Solve the Problem

Teachers play a vital role in the life of a student. QuestMaths has a team of leading expert tutors in their respective fields, who are level 3 certified. For any student, who has a problem in learning math or in preparing a timetable for studying, the website provides the facility of one-to-one online interaction between the student and the dedicated teacher, where they can get the solution to all of their problems. 


Summers are the best time to enjoy and release all this stress related to studies. You are allowed to go out and rejuvenate yourself. But do not forget to keep in touch with your studies and update your skills with the best of the facilities provided by the QuestMath online learning platform.