I Am a Cisco Training Instructor, and I Want to Talk About My Experience

I am a Cisco training instructor, and I also have some experience. Through the observation of students, my experience is that we must read more books, especially the official teaching materials of Cisco. Don’t think it’s enough to read a book twice. You always have to encounter very detailed things in exams and practice, which requires a deep understanding of technical details and basic concepts. CCNA is a very basic course. You should read the textbook at least five times.

Whether you participate in training or study on your own, it is ultimately to study by yourself, so the learning attitude should be correct. The time for study should be guaranteed. Don’t just study hard in class. The time for self-study after class must be guaranteed. Try to preview in advance before class, mainly for those unclear professional terms and unfamiliar but commonly used English words in English textbooks. Intensive reading is not required. Naturally, you should listen carefully in class

. If you don’t understand, ask immediately. But before asking, try to read more and think more. Review immediately after class. Don’t think you can remember everything when you understand it in class. It is suggested that while reading, you should draw the key points with a fluorescent pen in your hand. You must draw the central sentence in each paragraph of the book, so that when you read this paragraph, you will know what the central sentence says as soon as you see them.

If you have mastered it, you don’t have to look carefully. In this way, the efficiency of reading will be greatly improved. What the teacher emphasized and supplemented in class can be recorded in the narration in the book, and you should read it together after review. When doing the experiment in class, you should be careful. Don’t finish the experiment as soon as you see that the experiment is completed. Don’t rely too much on the teachers. Use the show and debug commands in class to see the details. At the same time, fine tune the configuration commands to see the impact and changes. Try to optimize the experimental configuration and see what implementation methods are available in addition to the configuration proposed by the teacher.

Anyway, we should use our brains and hands more. Finally, I would like to emphasize reading. Reading is a process of improving the theoretical basis, which is very, very important. Practice is very important, but if your theoretical foundation are not solid, you still can’t deal with specific problems. For example, practice and experiment are equivalent to piercing the window paper. It’s easy and pleasant for everyone to do, but you have to stand on the windowsill first, or you still can’t see anything even if you pierce the window paper. Then reading and learning is equivalent to climbing on the windowsill.

The process is very long and painful, but it’s the most important. So do reading to accumulate theory is the most important. Students often tell me that the book is too thick. But I replied”People who write books don’t think they’re thick, but those who read books do think they’re thick.” Sometimes I really think that today’s young people really eat too much fast food and want to take shortcuts in everything. It seems that they don’t like the time-consuming and laborious process of reading books. They look for bible everywhere, but the results are not solid. I remember that when I tookCCNA Exam, I didn’t read bible at all, and I’ve read the book more than 10 times before the exam. When I see the test questions during the exam, I immediately know what the knowledge pointsare.

I recall the approximate location of the knowledge points in the book. Although I didn’t get the full score, the score is high enough to pass the exam. Some students recited the questions and finally passed with high scores. As a result, they joined the work in the future. When they met problems, they called me and asked me. As soon as I heard them, they were all very basic questions. I felt very sorry. Having said so much, I just hope everyone can settle down to read and have better potential for development in the future.  Thank you

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