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Do you have a lot of time to go to offline tuition classes? Would you like to study with your favorite teacher at home or in your favorite place? In such cases, you need to select an online class. In addition, you can learn in comfort with enjoyment in your home by taking an online tutoring course; therefore, if you are looking for more information on online lesson courses, get an online math degree. You can then take the Cuemath online classes. In addition, It is an online tutoring class that offers classes for math subjects. They offer tuition classes from k to 10 grades for CBSC, ICSE Standards, and State Commissions. We know that good teaching has a positive effect on students’ learning. Therefore, this blog briefly explains why students choose Cuemath.

Why We Join the Cuemath Online Classes

Some facts about the Cuemath that give the reason that why you will choose this tuition classes. 

1- It was established on 22 December 2013 in India. The headquartered of Cuemath is in Bangalore, and it is globally recognized for producing amazing math programs. 

2-The Cuemath is awarded through ETR for offering India’s best math program. Moreover, the ranking of the Cuemath is also very good.

3- The tutor of the Cuemath has taught more than 200,000 students from 20-plus countries in the world. In addition, the tutors are math experts, and they complete the training conducted by these online tuition classes. Moreover, they have a world larger network of maths expert tutors, which keeps on increasing.

4-They provide many study resources such as worksheets, NCERT solutions, maths puzzles, games, test papers, math formulas, etc.

5- The size of the class is 1:6 or 1:1. But if you want to choose a size 1:1, you will pay a high cost for tuition classes. 

6- The tutor of the Cuemath treats the student personally, even in group tuition classes. In addition, they share the student’s weak points and share the tips or techniques to solve these weaknesses. 

7- They offer two or more live classes per week to the student. For accessing the Cuemath classes, you need a laptop or desktop, mic, headphones, and a good broadband Internet connection. 

About the Trigonometry Table

Trigonometry table – Trigonometry is a popular branch of math that deals with the triangle. Trigonometry is applicable in defense, architecture, aerospace, etc. In addition, a trigonometry table is a popular tool that helps find the value of the trigonometric ratio for angles.

Such angles are 0 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60, and 90 degrees. Sometimes we use the trigonometry table to find the value of other angles from the table, such as 180 degrees, 270 degrees, and 360 degrees. There are several trigonometric functions: sin function, cosine function, tan function, cot function, sec function, and cosec function. 

Here we share the basis trigonometric formula that is listed below. 

1-sin a= cos (90°- a)

2-cos a= sin (90°- a)

3-tan a= cot (90°- a)

4-cot a= tan (90°- a)

5-sec a= cosec (90°- a)

6-cosec a= sec (90°- a)

7-1/ sin a= cosec a

8-1/ cos a= sec a

9-1/ tan a= cot a

Example – Find the value of the tan 45° + 3 cot 45° – sec 60°+ sin 90°+ 2 cot 90° – 7 cos 90°


From the trigonometry table, we find the value of the tan 45° =1, cot 45°= 1, sec 60°= 2, sin 90°= 1, cot 90°= 0 cos 90°= 0

tan 45° + 3 cot 45° – sec 60° + sin 90°+ 2 cot 90° – 7 cos 90°

1+ 3* 1- 2+ 1+ 2*0-7*0



If you’re passionate about math, then it’s worth taking an online class. Whether you’re looking for a refresher on some concepts, or want to dive into a challenging course like Trigonometry, there are many benefits associated with taking an online math class and Cuemath is the excellent platform to go ahead.


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