What is the best way to clean in-ear earphones?

The music lovers gang love to play with music enjoying their favourite songs playing on YouTube or any of your music app.

The frustrating thing for music lovers is WHAT! To clean-up your ear phone filled with dirt or dust.

It is very weird to discuss it. However, there is a need to clean your earphone to avoid any hearing issues.

Cleaning earphones helps to reduce any noise reductions caused to hear your music or playing your games.

So, before discussing further on the benefits of cleaning earphones, we will jump on to the cleaning process.

How do I clean the inside of my earphones?

Before moving towards the process, get this stuff along with you: –

  1. A cotton cloth or tissue paper
  2. Hand Sanitizer or very soft soap wash
  3. Earbud or Ear cotton buds
  4. Water
  5. Clean and dry place

Clean and dry place is necessary because while washing or removing any dirt any earphone part may get flown away or washed away.

First step is gently remove the inside part of the earphone and take an earbud or cotton bud and remove the dirt. Make sure you don’t pull or drag it forcibly.

If you don’t have an earbud, you can take a small hair pin and wrap a paper around it so that it firmly fits around the hair pin tip.

Once you’ve removed the superficial dirt inside the earphone. Second step is to take a small cotton cloth and apply hand sanitizer or soft soap wash on it.

Third step is an important step. Don’t apply too much pressure while removing the dirt. It can result in damaging the earphone parts.

The cleaning process has been done. Now, if you’re looking to avoid fast formation of dirt or dust inside the headphone, then there are 2 extra tips for you.

Extra Tip 1: –

Always clean your charging case with dry cotton cloth from inside as well as outside to keep it clean and tidy.

Extra Tip 2: –

After enjoying your music or gaming or working out in a gym, clean it properly through earbuds before directly keeping it in the charging case.

This will keep it clean and then save your extra effort in cleaning.

Remember the quote: Precaution is better than cure!

What is the best way to clean in-ear earphones?

I have already mentioned a few methods and tips to clean your earphones. The best way to clean earphones is to clean them everyday after use. This cleaning method can be applied over true wireless earbuds under 3000 to keep the sound clean and crisp.

Additionally, you can use a hair pin tip with paper wrapped around it to remove the dirt inside the earphone while cleaning everyday.

How do you clean in-ear headphones with mesh?

This is slightly a tough way to do it. You need some cotton gloves to avoid hurting your fingers or palm.

The best way to clean in-ear headphones with mesh is to remove the ear pads and gently remove the dirt stuck into it.

Either way, you can use a soft cloth to remove the dirt because the mesh might damage the inside part of your headphone.

How do you clean earwax out of wireless earbuds?

The easiest way to do it is to use a soft toothbrush. Make sure you are picking a baby toothbrush as the adult toothbrush will not go inside the earbud.

Apply hand sanitizer or soft soap wash to it and gently rub it to remove the sticky earwax in the earbuds.

After the cleaning process, fit all of your parts back and make sure you haven’t accidentally washed away any part.

Final Note

So, thanks for reading the article. I hope all questions and queries have been cleared. I will suggest you follow the procedure before starting on your own. 

You can also refer to any video if you need to watch and then replicate the process of cleaning the in-ear earphones. Also, the procedure is quite simple and I’ll suggest cleaning it gently without applying much force or pressure. 

This can damage any part in your earphone or headphone. Additionally, avoid using rough soaps or cloth it may create scratches or damage the hearing components.


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