45 Funny Friday Memes to Kickoff That Long-Awaited Weekend

“That’s the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen. What kind of car is that?” —A passerby “Holy cow, that’s a Lamborghini.” —A rival businessman “My favorite type of food is bacon.” —An aspiring chef These are just a few of the many lines we hear about cars every day. They’re so universal that there’s even a meme for it: Friday Memes. The idea behind this social media phenomenon is to post a funny image or video on Instagram or Facebook and see if anyone will come back with a similar one. So here are some Friday memes to get you into the weekend:


This week’s memes are about the wonderful things that are Friday, the day that we spend with our loved ones. As human beings, we all have the tendency to spend the day with our friends and family and less time with our loved ones. We miss them and want to be with them, but we also need time to ourselves and this is what we do on Friday. Drive, talk, text, etc. So we set up an errand where we can be with our loved ones and be productive. What’s better than to get a car delivered to your door on a Friday? How about a nice set of shoes? And for the ladies, this week’s Friday Memes have got you covered:

## #Fridaymeme 1: The Fluffy Prayer rug

This is one of the more popular memes on social media, as it was the first one we shared. It’s about a man who needs to pray more often because he keeps getting flustered by all the thoughts in his mind and on his emotions. This is the perfect theme for this week’s memes: We have lots of fun with emotions and the prayer rug helps us express our thoughts and feelings. So if you’re feeling a little flustered, this is the meme for you:

## #Fridaymeme 2: The Eggroll Breakdown

This one is pretty self-explanatory: A man gets in his car and starts driving an eggroll. We call this one the “Breakdown” meme because the man is Loss Control on Wheels and the car is his emotions. So if you’re feeling a little teary, this is the meme for you:

## #Fridaymeme 3: The Staring Contest

This one is pretty much what it says on the tin: A person looks at something, and the other person looks at that thing, and then they both look away. That’s it. That’s the whole meme. And this one is also pretty much what it says on the tin: A person looks at something, and then someone else looks at that thing, and then both of them look away. This one is about meeting new people and having a little friendly competition: Who can look away the most? This is perfect for those Friday night meet-ups with friends: Whoever can look away the longest, wins. We like to make this one:

## #FridayMesCars

This is the car-themed Friday memes we’ve been waiting for. We’ve been sharing photos and videos of our favorite cars and this week we’re sharing some of our favorite Friday memories with them: When we were little and first learned to drive: mom teaching us the basics: how to turn the ignition, set the radio, and push the gas pedal: our first rides: the first time we used a fancy car: the day we bought our first car: the day we traded in our old car for a new one: the day we drove a car we loved (and needed to get rid of): and last but not least, our first trip to the dealership: When we were young and used to play with cars in our spare time: and my personal favorite: A classic car restore and drive. That’s it for this week’s Friday memes: Have a great weekend!

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