7 Ways to Give a Signal Boost to a Slow WIFI

When you are not getting enough bars of Wi-Fi signals on your phone or laptop, the first thing you do is check if your internet service is down or stopped working. Or you might yell at your little sibling to stop eating up the bandwidth with heavy streaming or HD gaming. If they aren’t using the internet either, consider dialing the Cox customer service number if that’s your ISP to learn if there’s a problem.

Did you know there are some things you can do to make your Wi-Fi stronger? Wireless networks can be unreliable at times. it has everything to do with the fact that several factors influence their performance. Let’s see how we can boost the signal strength and the performance of the WiFi:

1: Reduce the Physical Distance – Cox customer service number

Unfortunately, routers don’t have the same transmitting powers as physical cell towers. Therefore, if you have a big house, the further you are away from the router, the weaker your WiFi signals become. Additionality, if the number of physical obstructions between the router and your device is higher, then this can disrupt the signal strength.

This is exactly why it is recommended to place the router in a central location. To boost the signal strength, sit closer to the device!

2: Check the Router’s Capacity – Cox customer service number

Not all routers are created equal. Some computers can barely perform casual online browsing while others can handle complicated jobs. A busy workplace with more than a dozen employees, multiple fax machines, printers, and wireless security cameras can’t rely on a low-end router to deliver a reliable wireless internet connection. If too many devices are connected, you need a new router that can handle the load easily.

3: Connect to 5GHz Band

Most of us are using a router with 5GHz and 2.4 GHz bands. Smart home devices like smart speakers or doorbells use the 2.4 GHz band whereas your laptop, tablet, TV, and smartphone switch to 5GHz for taking advantage of the speed. If the online activity you are doing demands higher bandwidth, make sure you are connected to the 5GHz band.

4: Update the Firmware

Is your router updated? Well, its performance could be hindered if the firmware has not been updated in a while or ever. Some routers can automatically upgrade their firmware, so log into the admin panel and check the status. If you have an older router, the process may be more difficult. Check the user handbook for more information on this.

If your router does not automatically update firmware after it is updated, make sure you keep it up to date. This is the best approach to guarantee that your router is up to date in terms of speed and security. If the router is too old, though, some manufacturers also replace it.

5: Get Rid of the Freeloaders

Your Wi-Fi might be buried under the strain of unwanted users or devices. Your neighbors are likely connected to your network and stealing your bandwidth if you don’t secure your Wi-Fi network with a strong password.

how do you know freeloaders are piggybacking on your network? Turn off all wireless devices or switch to airplane mode. If your router’s light is still blinking, this is a sign that someone is still connected to and using your network. This would explain why your WiFi signal strength is weak. In that case, reset the password straight immediately using your router’s mobile app or admin control panel, and make sure it’s a strong one.

Even if you don’t have a freeloader, several connected devices can put a strain on your Wi-Fi. When multiple family members are trying to stream Netflix at the same time, it might cause significant delays.

6: Invest in a WiFi Extender

If you like in a large house, and you have the latest router, you might want to get a WiFi extender or two to boost signal strength and to ensure all nooks and crannies get optimal signals. An extender is an easy-to-install device that can amplify the wireless signals and extend the coverage in your entire home.

7: Restart your Router

Regularly rebooting your router sounds like an extension of the age-old pseudo-solution to everything digital. But yes, it works. Resetting can sometimes cure a dead internet connection. unless there is actually a connectivity issue or a slowdown. Because of radio frequency interruption, rebooting will fix the problem and you should be able to get optimal signal strength.

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