7 Best Tips to Stop Hair Fall Immediately

Everyone loves thick and luscious hair strands… Right?

No matter what age or gender you belong to, hair health is considered crucial to your overall personality. Many people are born with naturally healthy and long hair but to others, this is not a perk that comes effortlessly. 

My Journey with Hair Fall!

I have struggled with hair growth for years. From home remedies to hair growth supplements, I have tried it all in all those years. Unfortunately, after growing these I developed a serious hair fall problem. Unfortunately, it was in my genes and it was the beginning of my struggle with hair fall.

Even I spent months searching for the best dermatologist for hair in Lahore and got treated as well. However, during all this effort I got to know that there are many things you can do to minimize the extent of hair fall or can even stop it. Not only this but there are many mistakes we make when it comes to worsening an existing hair fall.

What Causes Hair Fall?

Before we talk about hair fall solutions, here are some of the common causes of hair fall to know about:

  • Age
  • Family history of hair fall
  • Stress
  • Events like pregnancy and childbirth
  • Hormonal problems
  • Scalp infection
  • Cancer treatment
  • Wrong hair care
  • Medication side effects

Other than this there are many different types of hair fall as well.

How to Stop Hair Fall?

If you are struggling with it and want to know how you can get rid of the problem, then don’t worry I have got your back. There are many things you can do including:

1- Watch Out for Your Hair Washing Routine

One of the very first things that determine the extent of your hair fall is how many times you wash your hair. It is recommended to wash your hair two to three times a day and choose the right hair washing products. 

There are many types of hair washing products that you can find on the store shelves but be mindful that this is not one product that goes for all. So, make sure to choose the hair washing products wisely and choose the ones that contain mild chemicals and cause less harm to your hair. 

2- Choose Your Foods Wisely

Your food choices play a key role when it comes to your hair health. There are many different types of vitamins and minerals that you need for good hair health. So, make sure to enrich your diet with foods containing these hair healthy ingredients. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet as well as enrich your diet with protein. 

3- Massage Your Head

One of the easiest methods to stop your hair from falling is to massage your scalp. Scalp massage offers many benefits thus ending up supporting your hair health. Massaging your scalp improves blood circulation that stimulates hair growth. This is also very soothing and works as an instant stress reliever. So, yes a head massage is a go-to option to stop hair from falling. 

3- Try Supplements

As told earlier, nutritional deficiencies are one of the prominent causes of hair fall. So, yes supplements can be a great help in this regard. These supplements are generally available as over-the-counter medication but you can even consult your dermatologist for advice.

4- Drink Enough Water

Water is important for your overall health and this also takes into account your hair health. Not drinking enough water can cause your hair to fall and can even make it worse. So, yes it is important to drink enough water to promote your hair growth. You can even use the reminder apps to keep up your consumption of water.

5- Control Your Stress

Stress is one of the triggers of hair fall. So, make sure you get over this stress and get control over your hair fall. Initially, it begins with the identification of your stress triggers and avoiding these. You can further go for the stress management techniques such as breathing exercises and even seeking out medical advice.

6- Avoid Hair Care Mistakes

Many common hair fall mistakes can either cause it or can make your existing hair fall worse. So, yes you need to avoid these mistakes. Here are some of the common hair fall mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Brushing your wet hair
  • Not choosing the right hair care products
  • Tying your hair for too long
  • Styling your hair too often
  • Not nourishing your hair
  • Exposure to scalp toxins
  • Ignoring the problem

7- Home Remedies to Stop Hair Fall

Some of the best home remedies for hair fall include:

  • Application of green tea bags on your scalp
  • Using onion and potato juice
  • Rice water and fenugreek water 
  • Using a fenugreek mask on your hair
  • Coffee and egg mask for better hair growth

Bottom Line!

If you are suffering from a hair fall problem, make sure to try these methods to control it. However, if you don’t see any improvement, then it is better to consult your doctor to identify the underlying cause and get yourself treated.

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