12 Fabulous Ideas To Decorate Your Living Room With Stripes

Striped walls have made a big comeback in the interior design world, and for a good reason! Striped walls are a fabulous way to add personality and interest to any living room. Not only do they add interest and personality to a room, but they can be used in a variety of ways to achieve different looks. Whether you choose to go bold with thick stripes or subtle with thin stripes, the options are endless. In this blog post, we will discuss 12 fabulous ideas for decorating your living room with stripes. We will cover everything from suitable furniture and area rugs to decor items and paint colors. So whether you’re looking to add some pizzazz or just want a timeless look, stripes are the way to go!

  1. Thin Narrow Stripes

In this living room, thin stripes have been painted on the walls in a soft gray hue. This creates a subtle and sophisticated look that is perfect for any space. To add some interest, striped pillows have been used on the sofa, and striped curtains hung from the windows. A striped area rug ties the whole space together and adds a pop of color. The simple walls allow for the striped furniture and decor to really stand out.

  1. Wide Bold Stripes

For a more bold and dramatic look, wide stripes are the way to go. In this living room, vertical stripes have been painted on the walls in deep navy color. The result is a very chic and stylish space. To balance out the bold walls, neutral furniture has been used. A striped rug and pillows add some pattern and color to the space.

  1. Narrow Bold Stripes

You could also use this technique on one wall as a striped accent wall. If you want to make a statement with your stripes, then go for bolder color and wider stripe. This living room has gone for a very strong look with red and white striped walls. The effect is very striking and definitely makes a statement. Again, neutral furniture has been used to balance out the striped walls. To complete the look, you can use geometric rugs for the flooring and striped cushions for the sofa.

  1. Vertical Stripes

If you want to make your room look taller and accentuate the height of your ceilings, then vertical stripes are a great option. This living room has used thin blue This would work especially well in a small room or if you want to make a feature of a particular wall. Simply paint the chosen wall in vertical stripes and then decorate the rest of the room around it. The light colors also help to reflect light around the room by making the place more airy and open.

You can use wallpaper to create striped walls, or if you are feeling confident, then you can paint them yourself. If you want to add stripes to your furniture, then why not try a striped sofa? You could even go for striped curtains hung from a striped pole.

  1. Faded Colorful Stripes For Throws And Pillows

This is a great way to add stripes to your living room without it looking too overbearing. Choose striped throws and pillows in faded colors and then place them around the room on sofas, chairs, and even the floor. This will give the room a more relaxed feel. For example, if your walls are white and the room is filled with light brown furniture, then Choose striped throws and pillows in faded colors such as pale pink, light blue, or even lemon yellow.

  1. Style Stripes Of Different Sizes

If you want to add stripes to your living room but don’t want them to be too overpowering, then you could try using stripes of different sizes. For example, you could have thin striped wallpaper with thicker striped cushions. This will create a more subtle striped effect that is still stylish and eye-catching. Or you can use thick and thin stripes in different widths on the wall to create an ombre striped effect.

  1. Black And White Striped Curtains

This is a classic way to add stripes to your living room. Black and white striped curtains hung from a black or white pole will give the room an instant lift. If you have plain walls, then this is a great way to add some interest and pattern. You could even team them with striped cushions for extra impact. These curtains would look great with monotoned room decor.

  1. Use Stripes In Unexpected Ways

If you really want to make a statement with your stripes, then you need to use them in unexpected ways. One way to add stripes is by having striped ceiling beams. This is a great style to add some extra height to your room, and the striped effect will help to make the room feel more spacious. Another way to use stripes in an unexpected way is by having striped floors. This can be done by using striped rugs or even painting your floorboards in stripes. If you’re feeling really daring, then you could even have a striped carpet!

  1. Opt For Striped Furniture

Striped furniture is a great way to add stripes to your living room. You could go for a striped sofa or armchair, or even striped cushions. This is a great means to add some pattern and interest to the room without going overboard.

  1. Ombre Striped Walls

In this idea, your will be using striped wallpaper but in a really unique way. By having an ombre-striped accent wall, you can create a really stunning feature in your living room. This is an excellent way to add some color and interest to the room without it being too overwhelming.

  1. Painted Stripes

Another way to add stripes to your living room is by painting them on the walls. This is a great way to add some interest and drama to the room without being too over-the-top. You can either paint stripes horizontally or vertically, depending on what you prefer.

  1. Add A Striped Rug

Another way to add stripes to your living room is with a striped rug. A striped rug can really help to ground the space and give it a focal point. It can also be used to inject some color into the room if you have plain walls. If you want something really striking, then go for a brightly colored striped rug. These striped rugs come in a variety of colors from online stores like RugKnots or from high street stores like Ikea.

In Conclusion

A striped pattern is one of the best ways to add some interest and drama to your living room. By using striped wallpaper, paint, or even fabric, you can easily create a stunning striped accent wall that will really make a statement. Thanks for reading! I hope you found these ideas helpful. We’ll be back next season, thank you! If you have any questions to ask, please do not hesitate to comment below. Thank you again for your time and assistance. 


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