November 27, 2022

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Simple Ways to Write Bold Business Content for Your Website

It can feel frustrating to have spent thousands of dollars redesigning your organization’s website only to see a minor uptick in traffic. For example, you haven’t had very many new website visitors or conversion rates. Worse yet, your new website might have a lower conversion rate than your old one.

What is wrong? 

Your website is mobile-friendly. It has quality graphics that load quickly. And you offer a product you know people desire. However, your website’s copy may be the issue.

Here, we offer suggestions on how to write bold business content to improve your website! 

What Does Your Website Do for Visitors in Eight Seconds?

Eight seconds is not a lot of time. However, if the content of your website is not engaging, it can seem like an eternity to website visitors. Forty percent of the people that visit your website will not stick around. Therefore, your website must be engaging and have an excellent design for them to want to stay.

Engaging content is more than talking about how excellent your products are. You know from personal experience how annoying it is to listen to someone brag.

Think about how your customers feel when they visit your website. Most visit a site because they want a solution to a problem. If they get greeted with a wall of text that is just you patting yourself on the back, that isn’t going to cut it. 

Your website copy needs to be about the customer. It must address the concerns that they have. It would help if you also structured it in a way that captures their attention.

Find the Proper Way to Portray Services and Products

Describing your products as the best, innovative, or modern is non-eye-catching. Everyone uses those terms to describe their products and services.

Your business content needs to focus on what makes your product unique. Position it to address the problem or concern your customers have. Furthermore, the copy needs to explain what your product does. Use the least number of words possible to get your point across to avoid losing their attention. 

As a business owner, you know more about what you offer to your customers than anyone else. However, most business owners lack the skill set to create compelling copy. This is where working with copywriters comes in.

Applying the SaaS Business Model to Copywriting and SEO

The SaaS business model is also known as Software as a Service. This business model is where you get charged to access software or a set of tools for a unique purpose. Your access can be modified, improved, pivoted, or updated. Adjust your tools based on your organization’s needs.

SasS SEO companies allow you to create business content so that your website can compete in an organic search. This is an impactful marketing methodology. You can turn your website into a tool for exponential and scalable growth.

While SaaS is easy to explain, search engine optimization (SEO) is more challenging. This is because multiple factors impact your website’s ranking on search engines like Google.

Some of these factors include: 

  • User engagement metrics
  • Metric links
  • Technical structure and usability
  • On-site content

Of the metrics mentioned above, on-site content is the most important. Your content needs to be natural and engaging. Visitors should enjoy reading it. And, it should check all the boxes that Google looks for to identify content as relevant.

You must optimize your website’s pages based on your target keywords. There are many things you can do to optimize keywords. One example is having your target keyword appear in your title tag. Another is to include your keywords in the introduction of your article.

Paying particular attention to the placement of keywords in your content pays off. So, be selective of what keywords you use in the introduction and headers. 

If your keyword is “rubber dog toys,” speckle it throughout your article. Including it in the introduction is essential, but at the same time, you don’t want to make it too obvious. Your content should flow well without anything sounding forced.

Google analyzes your keyword placements. Based on your placements, it decides whether to show your website. So, apply these techniques for the best possible outcome. 

Your Business Content Should Reflect Who You Are Yet Resonate With Your Customers

When writing content for your website, keep your target audience in mind. Don’t limit yourself to only talking about things you like. Instead, focus on the content they prefer and identify the right tone for them.

Good copywriting grabs the viewer’s attention. It is persuasive. It builds a desire in your viewers to act. Then, it guides them through the actions you want them to take.

If your website is not performing as well as you would like, there are options. Consider getting help from copywriters who understand SEO. Improved content leads to higher conversions. So, continue to aim high, and don’t give up until you accomplish your goals!