Here Presenting You the 5 Types of Hair Extension Boxes Solution

Women, the world’s most beautiful creature, have a peculiar power to fascinate others. Makeup and cosmetics are important in their lives, but these hairdos genuinely bring out their personality. Short, straight, curly hairs are no longer an issue since hair extensions are available in all varieties. Custom hair extension boxes make storing this delicate and costly product easier.

Also, if you offer things that need protection and preservation, that explains the product’s quality. Custom hair extension boxes are the greatest option for all the questions regarding the hair extension boxes in your mind.

Hair Extension Packaging Color Selection

As a small business owner in the fashion sector, I always know the importance of its brand and product quality. They also emphasize changing packaging trends with the continuity of quality measures. So they keep experimenting with their custom printed packaging. 

Custom Hair Extension Boxes come in many designs and hues, and the choice of color palettes is always chosen according to your customer’s interest. 

The advantage of having various hues or combinations is that customers can distinguish between hair extension kinds and proper coloring. Moreover, you may have noticed that a brilliant color scheme is often employed to attract customers.

Promotional Hair Extension Boxes

Custom printed boxes offer several benefits. Their colors appeal and attractive designs always get your customer’s interest. 

The color scheme with a strong logo can help to promote and enhance your customized hair packaging brand. You may also add information about the product’s ingredients, warnings, precautions, and production nation to this hair package. 

So, these details allow you to communicate with your customer, and also, the buyer might use this information to choose wisely before buying your brand product. These Custom hair extension boxes also have barcodes and online URL addresses. So that the buyer can find the authenticity of the product they are buying.

Experimenting With Custom Boxes Form Simple Hair Extension Boxes

As stated before, these unique hair extension boxes are molded and folded into numerous forms. The hair extension package comes in numerous sizes. Examples include drawer style, two-piece flip-top hair packing, pillow style, thin rectangle-shaped hair extension boxes with magnetic closing, etc. They are all adorned with ribbons and bow ties as gift extension wrapping. 

So for your ease, I am presenting you with some of the hair extension types as

Pull-Out/Drawer Extensions Boxes are fashioned like boxes that open horizontally like drawers and are eye-catching boxes that instantly attract customers. These hair packagings are not only durable but also safe for various hair extensions. When opened, they gently show the goods within. Drawer-type hair extension packaging is not expensive and does not increase the product’s cost because extensions are already expensive.

Extensions Lid Box

You’ve probably heard of professional hair extension boxes. These boxes come in enormous designs and are supplied in sets for hair extension boxes. It is not necessary to print on these customized hair packaging, and these are minimalist and simple, sophisticated boxes that let the product speak. 

Companies or businesses with strong brand identification in the industry use this basic hair package with a lid to show their customers that they value product quality exclusively.

Long Flap Hair Extension Boxes

They come in a horizontal box, a drawer, or a plain lid box with a flipped top opening. These are personal hair extension packages. The thin narrow rectangular boxes are large enough to keep hair strands securely. The top of the thin and narrow hair extension package may be ripped off so that customers can see the color and compare it to the color they want.

Display Window on Hair Extension Box

According to my study, several hair extension packaging manufacturers provide customers the option of a display window. With this feature, personalized hair packaging becomes more tempting to merchants. So the salesperson may demonstrate his selection without opening them. These Custom hair extension boxes are available in various forms and sizes to meet your needs. Because no two hair extensions are the same size, wholesale manufacturers produce them in varying sizes.

Reusable Extension Hair Package

These hair extension packagings are simple to deal with and use for secondary purposes, meaning that after their main function of packing hair extensions is accomplished, they may be used in other ways. Moreover, not all hair extensions are the same, and some are removed after usage and repacked.

 These hair extension boxes keep them secure from dust, debris, and breakage, and this also helps keep them clean and shiny. Custom hair extension boxes are low-cost packaging that may be reused several times. The boxes are designed to open simply, remove the extension, and shut it as many times as possible without damaging the packing.

Manufacturing Material Benefits

To accomplish all of the above, high-quality manufacturing materials that can be readily molded into any size and form are necessary. Cardboard and Kraft paper are the finest solutions to meet these needs. These high-grade cardboard and Kraft paper provide several advantages for manufacturers and merchants. These materials’ benefits are:

  1. Hair extension box packaging and cardboard created print-friendly boxes.
  2. Hair packaging constructed of these materials may be readily customized.
  3. Both materials are eco-friendly and may be recycled or disposed of correctly without harming nature.
  4. They are readily molded and folded by machines.
  5. Kraft paper is the finest choice for Custom Foldable Hair Extension Boxes since it is flexible and sturdy.
  6. Since cardboard and Kraft paper are cheap, these personalized hair extension boxes are also cheap.
  7. Custom printed boxes may also be used in their natural appearance.


You have read much about the Custom hair extension boxes, so I hope you will choose wisely for better packaging and extend your brand value and worth through wise decisions and better suggestions from some professionals.


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