Professional tips for a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

zz that always a white smile is healthy. Teeth that have been whitening with different methods of tooth whitening becoming more fragile and vulnerable to gum disease or tooth sensitivity and cavities. So remember tooth whitening is a professional task that requires a dentist’s supervision.

This is the essential tip for a smile that is both healthy and beautiful at the same time. Three steps can help you in this journey: using a mixture of gentle preventative care such as brushing and flossing or mouth rinse and then prompt treatment for small issues whenever they pop up. If you want to change the shape or colour of your teeth, then you can use dental cosmetic treatments as a good solution. Besides these general tips, we provide some other professional tips from the south Wimbledon dentist.

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Learn how to Keep Your Smile Healthy and Bright

·         Whitening treatments should have a plan

We can’t deny that a shiny bright smile can be more attractive and can boost your confidence. There are so many ways to get rid of your yellow-tinged grin. Tooth whitening methods can really help but it should be done by a professional. Tooth whitening in dentistry is completely safe and effective that can lighten your teeth by multiple shades. This process can be done just in one session.

If you want to try an in-home whitening kit, it is better to know how much they are strong and how effective they are. Hydrogen peroxide is the main substance of tooth whitening products and it has different percentages. Whitening toothpaste usually is milder than whitening gel that dentists use in the clinic. Whitening treatments in dental clinics can last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. It depends on your dental care after the teeth whitening treatment. You can help your teeth to stay white longer than usual by avoiding smoking and colourful foods.

·         Good oral hygiene routine is the key

If you have a skincare routine, you probably need a dental care routine too! A great oral hygiene routine is the most important step towards keeping your mouth healthier and brighter. It is obvious that brushing and flossing is the main part of a good oral hygiene plan. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and then floss at least once a day to maintain good oral hygiene. Using mouthwash daily can also reduce the chance of tooth cavities and help gums to stay healthy.

Remember that brushing teeth is necessary but it’s not enough. Because brushing teeth removes plaque from the surface of your teeth but all toothbrushes can’t reach some area of your teeth. flossing can help you to reach out to these areas and remove the debris from your teeth.

On some levels, flossing is the most important part of dental care, because the main reason for dental cavities are foods that remain between your teeth. gum diseases also can happen when infections affect the gum and make it itchy or sensitive. Severe gum diseases can cause of tooth loss in patients. All of these tips can play a huge part in helping your teeth whiter and healthier for a longer time if you’re doing them daily as a routine.

·         Always buy a soft-bristled toothbrush

You may think the harder toothbrush will do better for your teeth. when you’re cleaning the kitchen or a plate that has a stubborn stain on it, scrubbing with a hard brush can help you to remove it faster but there’s no such a thing as cleaning teeth. you may think your teeth are hard as a ceramic plate but they are not! If you want to know how they are, we should say your teeth are like a sponge that absorbs different colours. Brushing and scrubbing teeth hard can really harm your teeth and gums more than good.

So, when you are looking for a new toothbrush, always choose the softest one. soft bristle toothbrushes can clean your teeth better than hard bristle.  Hard-bristled toothbrushes can irritate your gums and contribute to enamel erosion. It may not that harmful at first use but over time it can destroy the enamel and cause teeth sensitivity.

The brushing technique is another important thing, even with a soft toothbrush, you should brush your teeth gently to prevent any damage to enamel and gums.

Electric brushes are another option to achieve a better oral hygiene routine. These brushes are made to prevent you from pressing down too hard on your teeth. if you trying to press too hard, the brush will simply slow or stop to let you know pressing is too much for your teeth.

·         Change your toothbrush often

Our professional south Wimbledon dentists recommends you replace your toothbrushes at least every 4 months or sooner if possible whenever you notice the frayed look of the toothbrush. As the toothbrush ages, their effect at removing plaque from your teeth become less than before. Also, frayed bristles have more growing bacteria or fungus. If you want a fresher breath, stay away from frayed toothbrushes.

·         Watch what you’re eating

Foods can affect your teeth’ colour! It will be a little shocking but it’s true. As we said before, the tooth is like sponges that absorb everything you eat or drink. So if you trying to have whiter teeth, avoid colourful drinks and food. By doing this you’ll save more money and decrease tooth whitening products.

Smoking can also change your teeth’ colour. Tobacco smokers are sticky enough to stay on the surface of your teeth. it can also increase the chance of gum disease and dental cavities. If you are a heavy smoker, reducing the usage of cigarettes can help you to maintain better dental hygiene. Remember that if you undergo a professional whitening in private dentistry Wimbledon but you keep smoking afterwards, your teeth will likely be yellow just a few months after that! So the best way is to quit the bad habit!

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