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After airing its final episode of the year, Kisscartoon, the long-running adult animation platform, ended its run on YouTube on December 11. With over 1.3 million subscribers, the 30-minute long series is one of the most popular and watched anime-oriented YouTube channels. The series, which premiered in February 2017, has been a hit with users and has even inspired its own spinoff, Kissdivas. Now, with the conclusion of the series, these animators have no reason to stop making videos. Instead, they should find other ways to entertain their subscribers. Here are five alternatives to watching Kisscartoon:

Follow The Kiss Cartoons

Finnish animation Kisscartoon is the most popular YouTube-exclusive series, and it is followed by seven different spin-offs. The original series follows four high school students who encounter different problems due to their love for Kiss Cartoons. The series premiered in February 2017, and it ended in November of the same year. The spin-offs follow the same storyline, but with different characters, situations, and events. The spin-offs are: Kiss Divas, Kiss Moms, and Kiss Kids.

Have Fun With Your Own Channel

Creating your own YouTube channel is a great way to create your own unique content. You can start a series, upload videos, and host contests. You can also create playlist-themed channels if you want to make a playlist of your favorite videos. You can choose whatever you like as the name, and you can even add a check-box in the end of the video to let users know where they can send feedback if they liked the video. You can add the number of subscribers you want, and if you have time, you can even make a schedule for uploading videos.

Play Games

YouTube offers a large selection of games to engage your viewers. Whether you want to challenge your subscribers to a game of forfeits or you want to hold a beauty pageants, there are games for everyone. You can also create your own games using the game creator.

Create Your Own Projects

Creating a project on YouTube lets you explore a new side of YouTube. You can create a new project without any previous experience, and you can choose any topic you like as long as it has at least one video associated with it. You can also start a new project with no previous experience but with a topic you like. You can either make a video about it or upload a picture or two related to the topic. Once you have a few videos under your belt, you can start creating a project around one of your favorites video topics.

Help Out Other Creators

You can also help out other creators by following their paths on YouTube. If you are a YouTuber who frequently collaborates with other YouTubers, follow them on social media and in the future, follow their channels on YouTube as well. You can also add your voice to the many YouTube trending topics and channels.

Bottom line

In closing, there are many ways to watch Kisscartoon and other popular YouTube channels. You can watch them on YouTube, via the official channel, through subs, or on participating channels. These ways will all help you enjoy the videos, but the best way to do so is through the eyes of the creator: the viewers.

Kisscartoon is over, but its legacy will live on. What will its legacy be? We cannot know for sure, but what we do know is that the characters and storylines of Kisscartoon inspired many popular videos and channels today. The best way to go out is as the creators of Kisscartoon, having fun while they can.

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