How to wake someone over the phone?

In this article, I will share different ways and tricks that can help you how  to wake someone through the phone. This blog is for those people who find it hard to wake up from alarms and have a habit of sleeping for longer hours. Let’s discuss some of the ways that might be helpful. 

Using sunny song 

This is a well-proven trick to How to wake someone over the phone. You can set up a ringtone or alarm that contains words like Sunshine. This would help your lazy friend to wake up quickly as possible. Another thing that you can try is to set up a ringtone on a song that is highly admired by your friend. Science has also shown that the human brain is more prone to things that have deep connections with your memory. This can surely help your friend to wake up from his/her sleep. 

Setting Alarm in a different language 

You can also try this method to wake up your friend from her/his deep sleep. Setup alarm of Good morning or Hello in a different language as this has shown remarkable effects in experiments. You can make use of French, German or Russian language as these are considered highly powerful due to their dialect. By setting up an alarm in a different language, it will also provide a fake sense of the notion that he or she is in some different country. 

Using humor and Jokes 

You can also make use of your humor or old-school jokes for waking up your friend. You can call him/her on phone in the morning and narrate a hilarious joke that can help your friend to have a great laugh. This is a very useful technique as humor has always played an important role in reshaping bonding and love between friends. Therefore using this technique would help in waking up your friend. 

Waking with the help of another language 

This can also be tried as this is one of the popular techniques out there. You can set up an alarm or call your friend in a different language. You can wake up your friend by phone by using languages like Spanish or Russian which are highly popular across the globe. For example, saying Hola or Blyat which are slang words used for memes. This can put a smile on your loved one and he or she can come out of his/her sleep cycle. Laughing has already shown that it can trigger a response in the human brain which could be useful for waking someone. These are some of the ways that can be used to wake someone off the phone respectively. 


You can these methods to wake someone through the phone but not all of them would work for every individual. Everybody is unique and has different genetic makeup. Some tricks would work on someone but not works for others. Therefore, keep trying all the methods for optimum results. 

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