November 27, 2022

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Gogoanime: The Best Anime Streaming App for iOS

Gogoanime is an anime streaming service that allows users to stream Japanese anime with subtitles. The service is available on both iOS and Android devices and has over 15,000 titles in its catalogue. The service is owned by SoftBank, one of Japan’s most prominent telecommunications and Internet service providers. It has agreements with various broadcasters and is able to offer its services over the internet. The service is operated in the US and the company has operations in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Gogoanime is owned by SoftBank, one of the leading telecommunications and Internet service providers in Japan. The company owns subsidiaries that offer various telecommunications services and data communication service. Some of its subsidiaries provide video streaming services and internet services. In other words, this is a video streaming company that has interests in several different businesses.

This article explains everything you need to know about Gogoanime, its services, its offerings, and its pricing structure. If you’re looking to sign up, you can use the buttons below to get started.

What is Gogoanime?

Gogoanime is a subscription-based video on demand (VOD) service that lets viewers watch streaming anime and live-action Japanese TV shows and movies online. It is owned by SoftBank, a leading telecommunications and Internet service provider in Japan.

Why sign up for Gogoanime?

One of the main reasons to sign up for Gogoanime is to support the service’s expansion into Europe. Currently, the only way to watch most Japanese shows online is through Nippon TV, which is only available to Japanese nationals. Gogoanime will provide the option for European viewers to watch Japanese TV shows online for free.

How Does Gogoanime Work?

On Gogoanime, users can select which titles they want to watch and then pay a monthly fee (usually $8 to $12) to get access to the service. They can also opt to pay a one-time fee of $100 for a lifetime subscription.

Users can watch any video that is offered by Gogoanime (that is, videos from the service’s library or videos created by users). When users click on a video, a pop-up box will appear on their screen with the video’s title, its length, and a brief description. Users can then click on the play button to start watching the video.

Gogoanime Channels

Gogoanime has a large catalog of videos, but not all of them are available every day. Users can also create a “channels” section in their profile to add any videos they want to watch on demand. Users can create as many channels as they want and can choose to “flag” videos they want to watch later. Most of the time, users have to pay attention to their “channels” section because some of them will not be available to watch every day.

How to Watch Gogoanime on iOS

Users can watch Gogoanime on their iOS devices using the following app. The app is available for both the Apple iOS platform and the Android OS.

How to Watch Gogoanime on Android

This option is only available for Android devices. To watch Gogoanime on Android devices, users will have to install the Gogoanime app and then link their subscription service to the app. This can be done through the Google Play store. The only downside to this method is that users will have to pay again whenever they want to watch a new episode of a favorite series.


Gogoanime is a highly recommended streaming service for Japanese anime. The service supports both iOS and Android devices and has a large selection of videos on demand, including recent episodes and movies.

The subscription-based service is aimed at Japanese viewers who want to watch Japanese anime for free. However, the service is also available to international users who want to enjoy Japanese anime for free.

With so many different channels and thousands of titles, Gogoanime has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for titles from recent seasons or want to catch up on older shows, the service has it all.

Gogoanime is also very easy to use, with a simple user interface and easy-to-follow navigation. The service does not require any interaction from the viewer, which is great for those who want to save time and focus on the show or the animation.

If you’re interested in signing up for Gogoanime, we have good news for you. The subscription-based service is currently offering new subscribers a free one-month trial membership. After the trial ends, the regular price for one month is $8.99. That’s a really nice deal, considering the service’s catalog and features.

So, if you’re interested in Japanese anime and would like to try it out for free, go ahead and sign up for Gogoanime now. You won’t be disappointed.