November 27, 2022

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Dark Snake Gang – Change the Color of Your Google

Are you tired of seeing the same old boring yellow Google? Do you want to see something different on your search engine results page? Well, welcome to the club! Google has thousands of different colors, patterns, and other design elements that they use to display search results. But changing the color of your Google results can be a bit tricky.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t change the color of your Google search results very often. It’s a simple, old-fashioned way to communicate with your audience and help them find the information they’re looking for. But what if you could change the color of your Google search results to give them a more relevant experience?

What can you change in Google search results?

First, let’s get some terminology out of the way. The main purpose of a Google search is to return results that match the keywords you’ve used in your original search.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Google uses many different algorithms to determine what questions people are asking and what results to return. In some situations, it’s even possible for Google to “hear” you and return more relevant results based on what you’ve searched for before.

How to change your Google search result color

You can’t just go in and change the color of all the placards at Google. You have to send an algorithm-changing request to the company and wait for the results to come back. However, there are ways to speed this process up.

The first thing you need to do is remove the keywords and terms that don’t appear in any search results. This is called “black-listing” keywords and terms so that Google can’t show you results when you search for them.

Next, head to Settings and select “Website”. You can then select “Advanced” and uncheck the box next to “Show results from only some search engines.”

Finally, go to your Google Account and scroll down to the bottom and click “More”. There you’ll find a “Change result format” link. Click this and you’ll be taken to a new page where you can choose between a variety of different options.

Google search result color codes

You can use the codes below to identify different colors used by Google for different results. Note that some of these might not be applicable to your situation since each search engine uses its own color scheme.

Amsterdam – #1Aqua

Beijing – #1Red

Bombay – #2Maroon

Buenos Aires – #3Coral

Cancun – #4Lavender

Chicago – #5Coffee

Copenhagen – #6Blue

Duisburg – #7Aqua

Erzurum – #8Green

Fujian – #9Mustard

Hakodadi – #10Yellow

Helsinki – #11Yellow

New York – #12Yellow

Nyongos – #13Aqua

Paris – #14Green

Sao Paolo – #15Aqua

Seville – #16Coral

Shanghai – #17Green

Sinai – #18Aqua

Tokyo – #19Aqua

Uruguay – #20Coffee

Chilean Cancun – #21Blue

Thailand – #22Blue

The Problem with Color in Google

It’s important to keep in mind that changing the color of your Google search results won’t give your site a more relevant top position in Google. All it will do is change the color scheme that Google sees and gives you a different set of results.

This could lead to your page being downgraded in the SERPs, making your content invisible. You could even see a negative SEO impact, as search engines will penalize you for using unproductive or irrelevant keywords and phrases.

The Color of Best is gray

As we’ve discussed, there are thousands of different colors that Google uses. However, the company has also released a list of the “top 30 most frequently found colors”.

The list is meant to provide a general overview of what color schemes users will see when searching for things on Google. However, there is one color that stands out as the “most frequently found” color.

This is the “default” color for the search results page. It’s the color that Google uses when you search for a particular topic without specifying a color.

You can see this color in action in the screenshot below.


The color of your Google search results page is an important part of your online presence. It dictates how likely people are going to be able to find out about your business when they’re on the internet.

A bright yellow or blue page is bound to be confusing and frustrating for your audience. A well-established gray page is the perfect counterbalance to the excitement and vibrancy of the colors featured on your results page.

Now, go change your Google search results page to create some excitement and variety in your SEO game!