September 26, 2022

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How To Get Into A Comfortable Cloudbed

The first night of your new cloudbed is important because that’s when you determine whether or not you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re not comfortable in the bed, it’s time to start looking for a new one. Begin by preparing for your cloudbed experience by gathering all the necessary materials, such as sheets and pillows, and make sure they are clean and dry. Plus, you’ll want to make sure your mattress is at its best before placing it on top of your box spring so it doesn’t slide around during installation. Once everything is ready, it’s time to assemble your cloudbed. Here’s how:

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Step 1: Place the Cloudbed Base on the Box Spring

– Screw the Cloudbed Base into the wooden frame of the box spring using three screws on each side of the base (use a phillips head screwdriver). It

Gather Materials

– Clean, dry sheets and pillows

– Pillowcases

– Mattress

– Box spring (preferably with a mattress as well)

– 3 screws for the base of the base (use a phillips head screwdriver)

Prepare your Cloudbed Base

– Place a fitted mattress pad on the base of your cloudbed. Make sure to use a fitted pad, not one that’s too large, as it will be more comfortable for you and your partner.

– If you’re using a regular mattress, place it on top of the Cloudbed Base and then the fitted pad.

– If you’re using an air mattress or other inflatable bed, you’ll want to install the Cloudbed Base first (using three screws) so that the air mattress doesn’t deflate because of the pressure from screwing into wood.

– Once your box spring is attached to the base, set it up with your pillows and sheets.

Assemble the Cloudbed


– Place the Cloudbed Base on top of the box spring and align it with the metal bars on the frame.

– Attach the metal bar to the metal bar on the back of the base.

– Secure the mesh underneath by screwing in each of four screws that run along its edges.

– Put your mattress on top of your bed and align it with the metal bars on both sides of your cloudbed base. Use two screws to secure each side (use a phillips head screwdriver).

– Add pillows as desired, making sure you don’t put them directly against your head or neck.

Install the Mattress

– Place the mattress on top of the box spring with the side with the zipper facing up.

– Use a zip tie to secure the zipper closed and then, using your hands, gently push the mattress down until it’s flush with the box spring.

– Securely attach each corner of the mattress to a corner on one side of the box spring using zip ties.

– Ensure that you are attaching it in such a way that all four corners are secured so it doesn’t fall off during sleep.

– You’ll want to put two inches of bedding in between your bed and the bottom edge of your mattress just in case there is any play between them.

Step 2: Installing The Armrests

– Attach both armrests to either end of each frame on top of the box spring by placing an armrest on either side and securing them with zip ties (this will ensure that they never slide off).

Step 3: Finishing Installation

– Thread each wire through its corresponding hole at one end of each armrest. – Then, cut a piece of electrical tape approximately 4 inches long and place it over each wire where they come out from underneath their respective armrests (so they don’t short circuit) and insert one end into its corresponding hole in their respective armrests. – Wrap another piece around both wires coming out from underneath their respective armrests and insert them into their corresponding holes in their respective armrest

Install the Rollers

– Then, slide the roller onto the top of the base and tighten it with a screwdriver.

– Next, position the second roller, sliding it into the slot on the side of the base and then tightening it using a screwdriver.

– Lastly, place your mattress on top of the base so that it is sitting on the roller. Make sure that your mattress is clean and dry before installing it on top of your new cloudbed.

– Lastly, tighten in screws to secure your mattress to your new cloudbed!

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Step 2: Connect The Headboard To The Base

– Place one of the head board brackets onto one side of the headboard. Make sure to align it so that when you mount it onto the bracket, there’s no gap between where the headboard meets at its front edge and where it meets at its back edge (and use a phillips head screwdriver).

– Once that’s done, connect each end of each rail onto their corresponding bracket on either side of their corresponding headboard piece (use a phillips head screwdriver). – Lastly, put two more screws into each rail while they’re mounted onto their brackets (use a phillips head screwdriver) to make sure they are securely connected to their respective pieces.

– Next, mount one end of each rail into its corresponding hole in one side of the base using a ph

Make sure everything is in order before you sleep on your cloudbed

– Prepare all of your bedding, including pillows and sheets, that you’ll be using on the cloudbed.

– Make sure to have a strong mattress foundation under your box spring so it doesn’t shift during installation.

– Make sure the surface of your box spring is clean and dry before placing the cloudbed on top of it.

– Unscrew the Cloud Base from the wooden frame and then place it on top of your box spring.

– Screw in each side of the base into their corresponding screw holes in order to secure it in place.