Ukraine Giant Tells World ‘Don’t Buy Russian Oil

Victor Yanukovych, the president of Ukraine, has been overthrown and replaced by a government led by Viktor Yanukovich. Yanukovich is known for his pro-Russian policies and his support for Putin. He faces strong opposition from the Ukrainian people, who are angry over his policies.

This opposition has decided to take to the streets in order to demand that he step down. They’re calling on world leaders to boycott Russian oil, because it’s helping to finance Yanukovych’s overthrow.

Do you think this protest will be successful? Will world leaders listen? Or will they continue to support Yanukovych even after his troops take control of the country? Find out in this video!

The Background of the Protest

The protest began on Monday, November 17th, and is still ongoing. The protesters are calling for Yanukovych to step down because of his pro-Russian policies. They’re also asking world leaders to stop buying Russian oil, because it’s helping to finance his overthrow.

Many people are concerned about the potential consequences of this protest. If world leaders continue to support Yanukovych even after his troops take control of the country, it could lead to more violence and instability in Ukraine. Will they listen to the protesters or will they continue to support Yanukovych? Watch this video to find out!

What is Russian Oil?

Russian oil is a type of oil that is produced by Russia. It is a type of oil that is used to power vehicles and make other products. It is also used in the Russian military.

What are the Benefits of Boycotting Russian Oil?

There are a few benefits of boycotting Russian oil. For one, it will help to finance Yanukovych’s overthrow. This will free up money that can be used to improve the government, which is important because the government is responsible for keeping the country running. Additionally, it could cause Putin to back down and make changes to his policies. He may be more willing to negotiate with other countries if he knows that he can’t rely on Russia to support him.

How will this Protest Impact World Politics?

This protest will have a significant impact on world politics. If world leaders continue to support Yanukovych, it could lead to more violence and instability in the country. On the other hand, if they boycott Russian oil, it may lead to a relaxation of sanctions against Russia. This could lead to a new relationship between Putin and Obama, and improve business opportunities for both countries.

Will World Leaders Listen to the Protesters?

We can’t predict the future, but it’s clear that the protesters will be successful in their efforts to get Yanukovych to step down. He’s been supported by Russia and his policies have been harmful to the Ukrainian people. It’s likely that world leaders will continue to support him even after his troops take control of the country. However, it’s possible that some world leaders will listen to the protesters and boycott Russian oil. This video gives you a brief overview of why this might happen.

What does this Protest Mean for Ukrainian Economy?

This protest means that the Ukrainian people are angry about Yanukovych’s policies. This is a good thing, because it means that he will be replaced by a government that is more supportive of the Ukrainian people. This will help to improve the economy of Ukraine, because companies that depends on Russian oil will have to pay more money for fuel.


What is happening in the Ukraine is a complex and sensitive issue. There are many sides to the story and it is not easy to tell which one is right. While some people may see the protests as a way to gain publicity and show off their country, others may see it as a way to get the world to stop buying Russian oil. This protest could have a significant impact on world politics and could determine the future of the Ukrainian economy.

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